300 a Month, Goals, & Menu,

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300 a Month, Goals, & Menu.

I can’t believe it is only two weeks till Christmas it is going by so fast. I finally got my tree and inside decorations up. I am almost done with the outside stuff, I am not putting lights on the house and not doing as much outside as I normally do since I have gotten such a late start.


We finally got some snow about 12 inches which I was nowhere near ready for. It was a good wet snow too so hopefully, we will get some moisture in the ground.

Opened up the curtains the other morning and this little guy was in the front yard. If you look close you can see he only has one horn. I came home from town the other day and there was about 10 to 15 in the yard eating the apples off the tree and the ground.

This is my crazy dog ‘Twitch” she finally figured out how to get on the roof. She likes to chase the poor cats and they always run up to the roof to get away from her. She has gotten pretty close before but this time she made it. She can jump and climb like a monkey. Well, I have a water tank next to the back patio so she jumped on the tank then the patio roof then onto the house roof. The funny thing about her though is she loves to chase the cats ( we are trying to break her of this) but if they stop she doesn’t know what to do she just looks at them like what the heck and she will watch them a bit then just leave. She could care less about catching them she just likes to chase. That is the black mouth curr ( a stock dog) coming out in her.


Sunday, with all the snow we had to move some cows to a couple other pastures. Hopefully, they are good for a while.


300 a Month,

This is for the last two weeks. This is what I bought most of it was on sale. Powder sugar ( which I am going to need extra since I will be making a cake once a month for the school),several jars of peanut butter that was on sale, crackers ( for the kids), pork rinds, cheese, they had self stable coconut/ almond milk on sale for 99 cents so I got 5 of these, blackberries, chocolate chips, stevia, coconut milk, chicken nuggets, Carmel flavoring ( I want to make some coffee creamer for Joleen) hot cocoa mix, cool whip (for some pies I am going to make), lard, tea, spaghetti sauce ( that I use for the kids),dish soap ( I have got to get soap made) bananas, tater tots, cashews, butter, and some eggs ( my chickens are not laying very good right now), I also had to pay my shares for my milk.


So I spent a total of 116.53 not too wonderful of a start for the month. Add this to the years total 116.63+2450.20 for 2566.73 for the year. That leaves me 1033.23 for the year.



I got 14 more quarts of pumpkin canned, and the turkeys cooked and deboned. I have bone broth cooking down right now. Also got a gallon of yogurt made and 4 loaves of zucchini bread.
This week I want to get the broth canned, and the turkey canned, I am going to can turkey soup, BBQ turkey, Chicken ( turkey) chipotle, and plain turkey. I have got to get soap and lotions and balms made this week if I am going to give them for Christmas gifts. And time permitting I want to get the apples started.

I got Katie’s quilt cut out so hope to get started sewing it this week, I also want to get the baby blanket made ( I know I know I still haven’t gotten it done ugh).


Fiber Arts,
I got Katie’s afghan finished and Joleen’s started really want to have it finished this week so I can get and other one started.


Well with all the snow I didn’t get the chicken coop or the fences painted hoping next weekend is nice so I can get part of it painted. We got lights and water heaters on all the animal’s waters and got them all set up for winter.


What I am reading,
I started Grain Brain I think it is going to be another very enlightening book like “ The End of Food” was. I also started “Virgin Coconut Oil” I knew coconut oil was good for you but I didn’t realize just how good till I started reading this.



• Waffles
• yogurt
• scrambled eggs
• oatmeal

With this, we will have toast, or whatever sides I want to have with it.


• Chicken nuggets
• Turkey soup
• Goulash
• PB&J

Will have whatever kind of fruit and vegetables I have, and crackers with the soup.


For Andy’s lunch, he will have leftovers from the night before.



• Stuffed peppers
• Goulash
• Roast
• Chicken Fried Steak
• Stew
• Tacos

Will have a veggie of some sort, and bread with each meal. Saturday or Sunday we will have leftovers.


Andy’s Snacks (He takes a snack for the break at work)
Creampie ( not sure what I am making yet)
Zucchini Bread

Kids Snacks
Granola Bars
vanilla wafers
Fruit snacks

What are your goals for the week?

Have a great week.

4 Replies to “300 a Month, Goals, & Menu,”

  1. NRP

    Ok Ok, I have a monumental decision…..
    Going to take on your $300 a month challenge this coming year starting Jan 1.
    Although I’m excluding Blue’s dog food, he eats as much as I do.
    Also I have been taking a hard look at just all out eating “better” and trying to get a little healthier, meaning Food and Exercise.
    So, with that said, eating out is a HUGE no-no, nada but junk food out there anyways, right?
    Home cooking is usually healthier AND a LOT cheaper. PS I love leftovers.

    Believe I’m going to do a full on Spreadsheet in Excel to keep track of food expenditures. With this I’m going to see how much I hit the Deep Pantry to do so.

    As question for you, are you counting the cost of gardening aka Seeds, Water, so-on as part of your $300???
    How about Vitamins and Supplemental?
    How about Beer and Gin??? HAHAHA

    Another thing this will do is give me a very compressive list of what I actually us a year for the Preps. Thinking I had better store up a BUNCH of that High Dollar Wine also before the end of the year.

    Will be interesting for sure; $3600 sounds like a LOT of money, but when considering a full year, we’ll see I guess.

    PS; Ya want to know how to stop the Dog from chasing a Cat? Let him actually catch a Cat once, those 20 pins and mouth full of teeth will put a very quick stop to that….. Been there done that.

    PSS: Had to chuckle at the Chicken Nuggets, every time I hit a total junk food for Chicken Nuggets, I just order “Extruded Chicken Goo”, how odd they know exactly what I’m saying…. HAHAHA

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Haha, good decision. I don’t add in animal feed into the 300. I also don’t add in seeds, canning supplies, water ect. I figure those are more of an investment especially the jars. Nor do I add in vitamins, herbs, or supplements including the alcohol that I use to make tinctures with. I also don’t add beef since we raise our own. It does help to have a deep pantry when doing this then you can eat from it and replenish when the items go on sale.

      Just go with box wine then you will be able to fit it into the 300 HAHAHA. I don’t add the wine/beer/gin into it either ( I just make Andy pay for it hahaha). I didn’t use to add the daycare stuff in but this year I went ahead and added most of it since I do use from the pantry for it.

      I do like the idea of the spreadsheet I wish I would have done that years ago when I started my deep pantry then I would have an accurate number instead of it just in my head.

      Well my dog is a little different ( in more ways than one haha) she will chase the cats but doesn’t know what to do if she catches one if it stops it completely confuses her she just looks at it like now what and if it doesn’t move after a bit she just leaves to look for something else to chase.

  2. NRP

    Rancher’s Wife;
    Box Wine… ohhhhh God no, I’ll just build my own, neighbor has a Vineyard, will get grapes from him for a bottle or two….

    As far as Deep Pantry spreadsheet, that’s a MUST have, I have stuff spread over 4-5 locations and need some idea of what’s where. Heck I even have the ammo, fuel, and cleaning supplies on that sheet.