Quick Easy Week-End Afghan to Crochet

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This is a super easy and fast pattern and you can use any colors you like, you can use three different colors or all the same whatever you want.

Size 48 x 62

Three colors medium weight 18 ounces of each color ( I used 2 1/4 Red Heart Super Saver per color, and for the white, I used about 1 1/8 of the red heart super saver jumbo).

Size Q hook

In this one, I used 2 red heart saver turquoise and one red heart soft white strands together.

In this one, I used 2 Red heart heather and 1 Red Heart white together. As you can see I am still working on it.

Weekend Cozy Throw Pattern Instructions

Using one strand each of all three colors together

Chain stitch 65

Row 1: In 2nd chain from hook, single crochet in each chain. Single crochet to last chain – total 64 single crochets.


Row 2: Chain 2. Double crochet in each single crochet – 64 double crochets.


Row 3: Chain 1. Single crochet to last chain – total 64 single crochets.


Row 4 thru 70 repeat rows 2 & 3


Row 71 Single crochet to end and tie off.


Tuck in your loose threads.

2 Replies to “Quick Easy Week-End Afghan to Crochet”

  1. Linda S

    Very nice. I do love a quick weekend project!
    Thank you for sharing this at our Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop
    and Have A Very Merry Christmas!