Frugal Challenge- Make and Use a List

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Frugal Challenge-Make and  Use a list

This is a must. Most overspending comes from unplanned purchases this is why it is super important to have a list and stick to it.


Before you go to the store plan your menu then see what you have for the menu and write down what you need. Take your time putting together your list because you don’t want to have to make any unnecessary trips to the grocery store later. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients for your meals on your list.
Don’t forget to put your non-grocery items on the list such as TP, dish soap etc.


One thing that helps is to have a place on the fridge to write down the items you are out of throughout the week.


This is another area where having your price book will come in handy you can get a general idea of what you are going to have to spend.


When you make your list STICK TO IT.


A couple helpful hints,

Don’t go shopping while you are hungry that never ends well ( well it does for the store since you will buy more ) and usually, it is junk food that cost a lot.


Remember most store brands are just as good as name brand. They have come a very very long way the past several years. I know there are a few things that you are just going to want name brand and that is ok just try to limit them.


Shop early in the morning or later in the afternoon when it isn’t so busy You won’t feel so pressured to just hurry and get out if it isn’t as busy when you get in a hurry you are more likely to just throw things in your basket instead of trying to find the best deal.


Ask for rain checks if they are out of a sale item.


Pay with cash you are less likely to make extra purchases if all you have is the cash you set aside for groceries.


You might leave a few dollars then if they have a clearance sale or real good sale you can use your little extra to stock up on the items that are on sale. ( only if you have a few extra dollars to do so).


You might even make a master list of all the things you buy then you can go over it to see if you are out of anything on the list.


And most important of all don’t forget your list. Haha

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2 Replies to “Frugal Challenge- Make and Use a List”

  1. NRP

    I’m a list person I guess, don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or more Frugal; probably both.
    I have a one of those 3”x3” Sticky Note pads on the counter whereas I drop the Keys, Billfold, Knife, and pocket Lint.
    When I use something up I do a quick on my Master List of deep pantry and see if I need to replace it, if so, on the “BUY” list it goes along with the refrigerator stuff like Milk and Veg/Fruit.
    I keep a mental list of what to buy where and do only a weekly or biweekly buy. And NEVER NEVER go binge shopping, one has to keep to the list, even when that box of chocolates calls your name.

    You have some good advice here, well worth the read and trying to following it…

    PS if you forget the List, than go home, do NOT try to buy off memory, it DON’T work for beans.

    1. Post author

      Haha yes I am a list person also I have list everywhere and of everything. From long-term things that need do to short-term things, things I need to get ect. yes lots and lots of lists haha. And I hate when that box of chocolates calls my name because every once in a while I really feel it needs to go home with me haha.

      You are so right about going back home to get the list every time I try to remember what is on the list I forget half of what I needed and usually the most imported thing I needed so I have to go back to town to get it, so you might as well go back and get it to start off with.