Throw Back Thursday-Hunting 2012 pt 1

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Setting up Hunting Camp

This was 2012 hunting I had it posted on my old blog it the last time we had all the kids with us.


We went to the mountains to set up hunting camp last weekend. I love this time of year when the leaves are all changing. Although not too crazy about the cold that comes with it.

We found a spot now to set up the tents.

Got the sheepherder’s tent part way up. This is the part that I hate doing always afraid the poles are going to fall down before we get it all set up.

Got them both set up and ready to go.

We use the sheepherder’s tent to sleep in and the other one for a kitchen we use to just have the sheepherders tent to sleep and cook it was a little crowded sometimes especially when we would have four of the kids

Soon to be our home away from home.

On the way down the mountain some cows were also headed down guess they are ready to go home.

Hope we do good hunting  Travis, and I have tags for the first season. Andy didn’t draw so he will get an over the counter tag for maybe 2nd season when Katie has her tag. Joleen didn’t draw so she will also have to get an over the counter tag probably for the 3rd season. We sure could use the meat and I like elk better than any other meat even better than beef.