Week 1 Deep Pantry/Food Storage Challenge

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In this year’s Deep pantry/Food Storage Challenge I will be doing it a little different then last years so be sure to check out each week’s challenge. I will also be focusing a little more on skills which I will have a separate post for in the next couple of days.

“A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 27:12

Remember having a deep pantry isn’t just about having extra food on hand. It is also about having the means to survive in an emergency situation, having all the extra food isn’t going to do you much good if you can’t cook it when the power is out. If you are having a hard time trying to afford filling a deep pantry read my post on “having a Deep Pantry on a tight budget.


Don’t forget to share what you were able to do this past week to have a deep pantry/food storage. Let’s encourage each other. And if you have a question feel free to ask or if you have the answer to a question feel free to answer. If you have a tip or idea you can share that also. As I said let’s make this a place where we can share and encourage others to get that deep pantry.


This first month will be a jump start to get a little ahead so if things go south before you can get everything you want, at least you have something to survive on.


The amounts are for two people If you have more just double to what you need.


This first week is 50 pounds of rice and 50 pounds of beans

More if you can afford it. I get white rice as it will store longer than brown rice. Also, 50 pounds of beans, get what your family will eat. I get pintos they go a long way and are very nutritious. The price of beans and rice at Wal-Mart. for 20 lbs of rice it is 8.92 and 20 lbs of pinto beans are 13.42. So for 60 lbs of rice, it would be 26.76 and 60 lbs of pinto beans are 40.26. ). I store my beans in the original bags but you can put into 5-gallon food grade buckets if you want, they do make it easier to store. The rice I pour into 5-gallon food grade buckets and add a couple bay leaves this helps to keep the bugs out. These can be stored in sheds outside freezing will not hurt them, in fact, it is good for them as it will kill any little bugs that might be in them.


Every month I will post an action item something that you need to work on for the month. I will also post an extra item that if at all possible you should try to get.


The action item for this month will be to get in shape. If things go south you will be having to do a lot more physical work you will need to be in shape so that you will be able to do the things you need to do.


The extra item for this month is a car kit if you don’t already have one. You Can go here to see what I have in ours. You will want one for each vehicle that your family drives. Even the teenagers. They may balk at it but do it anyway. A few years ago there was a bad accident about 20 miles from us that had the highway closed down for most of the night. People were stuck on each end that lived on the other side, so a lot of people were displaced. Joleen’s boyfriend (at the time) and his grandmother had come to town and were unable to get back home, and had to stay with us. Andy had been checking on his Mom and was stuck on the other side.  I was able to use that example for the girls as to why you should always have a car kit in your vehicle, even if you don’t travel very far from home.

Every week you will want to put back water. You can buy it, or fill your empty juice and soda bottles. You can also store water in your empty canning jars, as you empty your jars just add some water and put the lid back on. You don’t have to can this water but if you wanted to you could. You can also put it in bleach and detergent bottles ( this will be non-potable but you could flush and wash dishes with it. ). I will be doing a separate post on water in the near future.


Every week you will also want to put back a few dollars, even if it is a small amount it will add up. Save your ones and if you can your fives and all your loose change from paying with cash. It will add up pretty quickly.


What were you able to do for your deep pantry?



5 Replies to “Week 1 Deep Pantry/Food Storage Challenge”

  1. NRP

    Rancher’s Wife;
    Good to see this series starting up again, tis very good to suggestions to follow.

    A question though; I’m also planning on the $200 a month challenge, does the cost of the Deep Pantry ‘stuff’ add to the $200 challenge? Thinking not. How about non-food items? Soap, TP, Jars, that sort of thing.

    “The action item for this month will be to get in shape.” Ohhhhh God I knew you were going to do that to me… HAHAHAHA

    Remember that Coinage Change, $1’s and $5’s that ya save up; well here is a good example. A good friend (car salesman) has a 2004 Jeep Liberty Diesel for sale at $1900.oo (excellent condition). That’s about $5k under Blue Book for that SUV…. How could I not buy it? I just dug out a fist full of $1’s and $5’s and counted it out….. And yes Another Car Kit coming up.

    As far as Car Kits, I also have an example, 2-3 years ago there was a Fuel Truck Rollover just north of the CO-NM state line, closed the Highway for 12 hours as they did a full reclamation of the 3000 gallons of fuel. SO, everyone just decided to take a round-about on Reservation Land…. NOPE the Tribe closed that road even though it was the only way around…. Nice Huh? That simple act of closing the “Tribal Road”, which you and I paid for, forced thousands of people to be stranded for 1/2 day without another route.

    The first week of 2019 I added a few mics. Jars of Condiments (Mustard, Mayo, Relish, Pesto) to the Pantry. Not a huge add, but was something.

    Remember to keep an ongoing inventory for your Deep Pantry.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thank you, I am so glad you are going to try this out. To answer your questions, It depends on where you are with your deep pantry if you are pretty set then yes the 200 includes your deep pantry items. If you are just starting then you can make these two separate things. My deep pantry is pretty set so I factor all my deep pantry items into the 200. Dry goods are included in the except for jars and canning equipment since I consider these of more of an investment. I don’t add in animal feed to this total though ( I am sure blue can eat about that much a month haha).

      Don’t feel bad the getting in shape wasn’t really one of my favorite ideas on here, haha but guess I need to get back where I need to be so feeling your pain also haha.

      Good buy on your Jeep,( can’t pass up a good deal haha) We are looking for another one we have one but it needs some work and we would like to use it for parts to fix up another one or vice versa.

      No matter how small of an addition to your pantry it all adds up.

      Have a great day

  2. April J Harris

    Your pantry is definitely a great resource! As there are only two of us and we travel so much, my pantry isn’t as extensive, but I know so many people will find this post great New Year Inspiration! I like how you are breaking the challenge down into manageable chunks. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Happy New Year!