2019 Homesteading & Personal Goals

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As I was putting this list together part of me is saying that this is a lot to get done but then part of me thinks it isn’t enough. I don’t know if we can get all this done and I am sure I will add more to the list as time goes by.


I do hope that we can get most of it accomplished. I think we are headed for some very hard times in this country and the more prepared a person is the better off they will be. I would encourage everyone to get as self-sufficient as they can. I know it is difficult for some but every little thing will help.


I am also hosting a very large family reunion this year and would like to have a pot of things done before then.



1. Get water running from the creek up to the house. We have to water the yard with town water and it gets pretty expensive so we are wanting to get set up so we can run water from the creek up to the house.

2. Expand my garden, I would like to start growing more. We built some raised beds this fall so I want to get these planted in addition to expanding the existing garden. Want to plant some things we haven’t grown before such as loofa’s, tobacco, broom corn, and cauliflower to name a few.

3. My compost redone. I don’t like the set up I have right now it was a hurry up and put together sort of thing so need to get it redone.

4. Need to get another milk goat since my nana died last fall I just have the one and I don’t want to breed her until this next fall so need to get another one. Really want to get a few more so I can sell a little milk and have enough to make goats milk soap.

5. Another cellar put in. I have a very small one right now but want a larger one to put more canned goods in and to be able to put potatoes and squash in. We have a container that we want to fix to use for a cellar so hopefully, that can get done this year.

6. The bottom part of the front yard and driveway finished. When I moved in there were no yards at all I have been working on them for the last few years. I had to do them in tiers as it has a slope. I want to plant some elderberries and a few other fruit bushes. And plant some pinion pines along the driveway. I have tried to only plant things that produce something I don’t want to waste water on things that don’t give back.

7. My herb garden area needs to be redone I have kind of let it go the last couple years so need to get it cleaned up and going again. I also want to plant a few herbs in the raised bed area.

8. Want to do a no spend year ( I will have more on this a little later)

9. Woodshedbuilt, right now we just have to stack it and throw a tarp over it.

10. Want to get a “Soaps and More” business up and going ( will have more on this latter).

11. Do some remodeling on the house, I need to redo the laundry room, paint retile, add some cabinets and shelves. Repaint the small bathroom, when we redid it I painted but apparently I got in a hurry when I was taping the seems and they are starting to pull away for the wall so I need to completely redo the taping and painting. My bedroom and bath, these are the only two rooms that still have the nasty carpet in them I want to get new floors put down and paint and redo the bathroom.

12. I would really like to finish out the mudroom but don’t know if it will get done this year with all the other house projects I want to get done.

13. Get the shop finished, the outside is all done just to finish up the inside.

14. Zero waste this year ( will have more on this latter)

15. Work on some skill that I need to improve on such as spinning and knitting ( will have more on this later).

16. Get my pantry more organized. right now it is a jumbled mess and I am about the only one who can find things in there.


Personal Goals for 2018

1. Finish up on some craft projects that I have been working on. I have a lot of unfinished projects that need to be finished and out of the way.

2. To use my household notebook more. It does seem to keep me a little more organized when I can write things down.

3. Get myself in a little better shape. I need to start working out again somewhere last year I fell off the wagon and never climbed back on. It is a have to not a want to. I am not getting any younger and I don’t want to have problems in future years just because I didn’t take the time to do what I needed to do now.

4. More organized all the way around haha, this on my list every year but I do need to work on it more. I have so many irons in the fire now that I have got to get myself organized so I can accomplish everything that I want to do.

5. To be more of a proverbs 21 women, I guess if I do that most of this other would fall into place.

6. I would also like to start reaching more people with my blog and build it up.


Daycare goals

1. I want to build up my daycare.

2. A better lesson plan and a better curriculum.

3. Finish the playground expansion. I started this last year but didn’t get it finished. I also have a small playhouse that I need to put in a new floor so the kids can start playing in it again.

4. Involve the kids more in the gardening, animals and homesteading skills.

5. As I said at the beginning I don’t know if all will be done I sure hope so though. If I think of more things that need to be added to the list I will add them.


Hope Everyone has a wonderful New Year and can accomplish all the goals that you have.


I would love to hear what some of your 2018 goals are.

8 Replies to “2019 Homesteading & Personal Goals”

  1. Christie Hawkes

    Wow, that sounds like a lot to me! I am impressed by your enthusiasm and wish you luck. My mother homesteaded for a brief time in Fairbanks, Alaska in the late 1950s. Her husband was killed and she moved back home to be with her parents, as she was young and pregnant. I often wonder how her life would have been if her husband had lived and they’d stayed on the homestead. I found your blog on the GRAND Social.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks for stopping by.
      It is a lot haha really hoping we can get a big portion done some of it depends on my husband and he always seems to be stretched pretty thin.
      Homesteading in Alaska has always been something I have wanted to do, At least your Mom got to do a little of it but I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for her all that happening and being so young.
      Have a great day

  2. Rosie (@greenrosielife)

    What a fabulously inspiring list and good luck with it all! If you wanted to link this post up to my Going Green link party it may help others choose some green/homesteading goals for the coming year.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks and I would love to share this on your Going green link party.
      Have a great day

  3. Kathleen - Bloggers Lifestyle

    You sound amazing, very practical and smart. We are privileged to have you as a part of the Blogger’s Pit Stop team. Is your homepage photo on your ranch, it looks amazing. All the best with your goals, that will feel very satisfying even if a few do not get finished.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thank you and I am so glad you have let me join the Bloggers pit stop. The photo is from My brothers and his wife lease up in the mountains my sister in law wanted to do a photo shoot with my daughters for a magazine. I wish we had a mountain lease but we are on more of a dessert type lease.