Frugal Challenge-Learn a New Skill

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Frugal Challenge-Learn a skill.

How many skills do you have? Can you cook from scratch, sew, ( at least mend), crochet, spin your own yarn, knit, 1st aid, canning, gardening, basic car maintenance, welding, carpentry,  making soap, process your own meat, make your own bread, etc.


If money is super tight you are not going to have the extra funds to have these done for you. Being able to do at least a couple of these will be super helpful.


One of my New Years goals for this year is to learn a couple new skills. I can do most of these things some not as well as others ( I went to welding school way back when but last time I tried it you could tell it had been years haha).


Try and pick one or two things that you would like to learn or brush up on this year on concentrate on them. The one or two that you pick to learn and learn them really well so if something happens you know what and how to do them and do them well. It will be a huge asset.


On the monthly Deep pantry challenge, I have different skills to learn each month. You don’t have to learn to be an expert in these but get the information and at least familiarize your self with the skill then in an emergency you have a general idea and between that, your books and information on the skill you might be able to muddle through it.


If you know the skill really well you might be able to earn a little extra money with it in tough times since there are a lot of people with no skills or you may be able to trade something you can do for something that someone else can do.


The skills I want to work on this year are fermenting, knitting and spinning. I learned how to knit when I was pretty young and I hated it ( would much rather crochet) I would like to learn how to do it well now since there are just some things that are better knitted rather than crocheted. Another is spinning I have had my spinning wheel for a couple years now and I am no better now then I was when I first got it, so I want to learn how to do it so I can start spinning some of my own yarn. I also want to learn to ferment I am doing a little now but I want to get where I can ferment most everything since it is so good and healthy for you.


I am also starting a first responders class next month where I will learn a little more than basic 1st aid.


I want to familiarize myself with wine/mead making, machine quilting, and rug making. I want to be able to make some mead and wine. I know this is a huge learning curve but I want to at least familiarize myself then maybe next year I can learn to do it well. Machine quilting, I can hand quilt and tie a quilt but I haven’t ever tried to do it on the sewing machine. I have a couple friends who do it and they say it is pretty simple so I want to figure out how. I have been watching some stuff on Amish knot rugs and no-sew rugs I want to try and figure out how to do these then maybe, later on, I can make my own rugs.


What skills would you like to learn on this year? And which ones would you like to familiarize your self with?

5 Replies to “Frugal Challenge-Learn a New Skill”

  1. NRP

    Rancher’s Wife;
    On Fermenting, I have done quite a lot of this, from Beer/Wine/Mead/Kombuche to Sauerkraut/Kim-Chee/Fermented Vegetables…. And some stuff under the sink that I have NO idea what it was HAHAHAHA
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I even mentored a Master Brewer (Beer) that now has the Primer Pub in Silverton and turned it into a very profitable business.

    Something I’m wanting to learn this year is Charcuterie (The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing Meats). Also included is making “good” Jerky, Dehydrated and ‘Long Term Storage’ of meats.
    I have an excellent book, but have not taken the time to learn.

    I’d also like to brush up on my own construction skills, meaning I see a LARGE Garage addition and another Garden Shed coming this year, maybe even a nice Greenhouse since I have all the parts and pieces…. hehehe

    1. Post author

      Thanks, I will probably take you up on that I am really getting into the fermenting, love how long it will store and how good it is for you.

      We have cured and smoked our pigs for the last few years ( made our own smoker) and it is so good I really love our smoked sausage. We smoked the meat before we made ground the pork oh my so so good.

      Haha, you can never have too many sheds and garages. I am trying to talk Andy into another storage container, he isn’t to keen on it though since we already have 3 in addition to a few sheds. So hard when both of you have a million ” Hobbies” and all the “stuff” to go with them. not to mention all the daycare stuff haha but in my defense, the kids have a ton of stuff here too.

      A greenhouse would be wonderful especially if you have all the parts and pieces. 🙂

      1. NRP

        Rancher’s Wife;
        If your interested in another Conex I have a contact that hauls Hay to TX and returns with a load of Conexes each trip, Last High Cube 40’er I got was $2500 delivered. and in GREAT shape.
        Can get you their # if you want.

  2. Chas Greener

    Great tips and read. Love the suggestion to have a goal of a couple skills to learn/try. That is realistic and something that can be accomplished. Thanks for sharing.