Frugal Challenge-A clean and Organized Fridge

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Frugal Challenge-A clean organized Fridge

Ok, you ask how on earth is a clean organized fridge going to help me save money. Have you ever reached into the back of the fridge and found something that got pushed to the back and forgotten for like a very long time and when you opened it you weren’t even sure what it use to be?


Having a clean and organized fridge will help keep food waste down you will know what you have and where it is. If you have an area for leftovers then you know what needs to be used up. Also if it is organized you can see what you have and if you have something that needs to be cooked or put in the freezer.


Also if you have a lot of leftovers freeze them. I always cook extra so I will have leftovers then I freeze them in portions for Andy’s lunches since he comes home for lunch if I don’t have anything from the night before I can just thaw out one of these.


Having a clean and organized fridge you can pretty much tell what you need to get from the grocery store when it is time to go.


And last but not least it is so nice to be able to open your fridge and have it clean and organized. Especially if you have company.

5 Replies to “Frugal Challenge-A clean and Organized Fridge”

  1. NRP

    A clean refrigerator???? Yeah RIGHT!!!!
    Ok, got that out of my system…..
    I do make it a process to use those vegetables (and other stuff) that are growing a beard or some extra legs for soups.
    The Leftovers don’t make it so long, what a waste to NOT use them.
    I will admit I do have a well-organized Refer, beer on the bottom, food at the top… LOL
    But seriously, you have a very good point, keep everything organized and never toss anything away, just remember what it cost in the first place.

    1. Post author

      You are so right about “think about what it cost if you have to throw it out”. If you think about what you spent on everything as you are throwing it out it hurts a little more and makes you want to try and not do that very often.

      Hope you are feeling better
      have a great day

      Also almost forgot back in the depression and a little after people would take all the leftovers and make soup my Aunt talks about her mother in law doing this once a week and there were some days the soup wasn’t all that wonderful hahah.

      1. NRP

        My Father would often talk about his “Hunters Stew” never really understood that till I found him in the kitchen making a HUGE pot of “stuff”, Asked him what he was making, “Hunters Stew” he replied.
        To my foolishness I said “we did not go hunting this week”, he laughed and explained that Hunters Stew was anything you could “Hunt Down” and make something to eat; telling me the stories of soup lines and the hunger of the Depression.
        I’ll never forget the look in his eyes (and tears at times) as we sat there for another hour talking about what it was like and how they survived the times. I still think on that discussion and what they went through to just feed themselves.
        People now have ZERO idea of what that was like; they have NO thoughts or memories of “Hard Times”. Honestly the newer generations have it so will, so easy, they are spoiled rotten, and seemingly take no responsibility for anything…..
        Sorry, Rant over, just that people need to remember the Countries Roots and where we came from.

  2. Jenny

    Very very true! I always double check the fridge for what we have or bring older items to the front when I go shopping. I dislike waste. Thanks for being a part of Merry Monday!

  3. Babychaser

    Thanks! It’s shopping day and I needed the inspiration to clean things out. 🙂

    Here from the BFF link up.