Sorry I have been MIA for so long

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It has been a very stressful and busy month. I didn’t intend to go this long without posting.

First losing my sister than a good friend. Also had to get the fair web page up and running, finishing up my EMR class and finals for it, Then my big chest freezer died ( and it was packed full) so I have been trying to get all that canned up and can up stuff in the other freezers to make room for all the stuff I need to put back into a freezer ( I had been wanting to get it emptied and stop using it, just a little sooner and not the timing I would have liked haha but at least it is done now) , painting and redoing my laundry room and bathroom, trying to get my house and yard ready for our family reunion in June. Plus trying to work lol. Then Andy’s Aunt passed away last week so we will be making a quick trip to Phoenix the first of next week. April last year was a hard one also so I think I will just bypass April next year haha.

Really hope to be back at it by next week if not sooner. Thanks for all the emails and messages asking about me.