Are we a homestead or hobby farm?

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As you read this please know that I have nothing against hobby farms I think everyone should have one and try to grow some part of their own food.

We were having a conversation with someone the other day and she was telling us about someone she knew that had a “ Hobby Farm like us” a “Hobby Farm ?” not going to lie I was a little offended. I feel like we are more of a homestead, not a hobby farm. To me, a hobby farm is just someone with a small garden to have some fresh vegetables over the summer.

We have a very large garden I try to grow and preserve all of what we are going to need for the upcoming year. We raise our own meat and eggs. I cook as much as I can from scratch so I don’t have to buy it, I grind my own wheat for flour. Yes, there are some things that we can’t grow but those things I try to buy in bulk enough to last for a year. I want to be as self-sufficient as I can.

I don’t know maybe it is all a mindset. I feel like with a homesteading/self-sufficient mindset you look at things a little differently. Such as you try to make do with what you have and not run to the store for every little thing. You focus on learning skills that are going to help with things around the homestead. You try to get where you are debt free instead of buying all the latest greatest toys. You want to be less dependent on the stores and more dependant on your self. You want to know that if something happens you will be able to handle it better then most, and you will be able to help others.

Maybe it is an “Old Fashioned mindset” wanting to get away from the consumerism of everyday life, the throw-away world that we seem to be in now. I just feel like I want to get away from all that and be as self-sufficient as we can possibly be. I know that there are just some things I can’t do myself but the more we can grow and the more we can do ourselves the better I like it.
There is nothing wrong with just wanting the small hobby farm as I said above everyone should have a small hobby farm to have their own fresh vegetables.

So with my venting done, I classify my self as a homesteader, not a hobby farmer.

What do you think a Hobby Farm is? And am I being silly about it?

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