Homesteading Challenge # 2

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Last month I started a Homesteading savings Challenge you can read it here. Well, I got busy and didn’t keep up with it so I am starting back at it. Since I am so busy right now I am not going to do the cost savings yet ( hope to start that soon) for now I am just going to list the things I have done throughout the week to save money.  It will be from Wednesday to Tuesday and I will post it on Wednesdays.

So for the past week, this has been what I have done to save.

  1. Hung 2 loads of laundry on the line
  2. Made homemade pizza
  3. Got 3 dozen eggs from my chickens, Coated with mineral oil and put in the fridge.
  4. Started using the wood stove for heat ( our only source of heat),
  5. Got a free load of wood from Andy’s work.
  6. Put a large pot of water on the woodstove to use for hot water.
  7. Canned 6 jars of Rotel.
  8. Was gifted a large bag of apples.
  9. Free ranged my goats.
  10. Made my own all-purpose cleaner.
  11. Made 2 loaves of wheat bread.
  12. Ground wheat for flour.
  13. I started another batch of Kombucha.
  14. Picked the last of the garden and got a large tub of peppers, tomatoes, 8 pumpkins, a dozen onions (small), a small bag of Jalapenos, and several zucchinis.
  15. Harvested several bunches of sage ( still have more to get).
  16. Harvested several bunches of mint. ( still, some left to get).
  17. Made waffles and put extra in the freezer.
  18. Made yogurt

This is some of what I did this week. What were you able to do to save money?