Week Review, Menu, & Goals

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Sorry I have been gone for so long, Have been busy and just really having a hard time finding time to get a post put up. I started doing the lessons with the kids again and that takes up a lot of time. I am working on having a lesson plan and everything put together for each week. 

Last week we went hunting. left on Friday the 1st and stayed in camp till Sunday came home and worked Monday and Tuesday then went back up on Wednesday. Then I came back down on Friday so I could go with Joleen to Farmington to look for a wedding dress on Saturday. Then I was going to go back up on Sunday to help take camp down but ended up taking my Dad to the ER he fell Friday and landed on hid wrist and was having issues with it going numb so was worried about it being broken. Luckily it wasn’t. By the time we got done at the E.R., everyone was down from camp so didn’t have to help.

On the 26th, we shipped calves and that was an all-day thing by the time we gathered and moved and hauled but that is done for the year. Then the next day we went up and set up hunting camp. We are camping in a different place and we are camping with my brothers.

On the 19th we worked around the house during the day then that evening we went to the grange dance and stayed there till about 9:30. After that we went over to my Brothers they were having a small bonfire. Stayed they way later then we should of haha it was fun though. The next morning we made about 3 dozen breakfast burritos to put in the freezer to take hunting. Then the rest of the day we worked around the house.

We were given 1/3 of a pig so on the 14th and 15th we got it cut up. We smoked and made sausage out of half it, the other half I canned.

On the 12th Andy’s cousin and her friend were down from Phoenix and neither had ever been to Silverton so I took them. They had never been above timberline either so they really enjoyed it. The next day we had all the kids over for Breakfast so they could see them before they went back to Phoenix.  

My Birthday was on the 15th Andy is getting me a small greenhouse that I will use in the house to grow greens this winter. Then Katie got me a gorgeous turquoise necklace. Joleen and Skyler are making me a sliding barn door for my laundry room that I have been wanting for a very long time. Then on the 24th, we all went out to dinner. It was a lot of fun.



I did get some canning done the past few weeks, 14 quarts of Rotel, 17 pints of sausage, 20 pints of pork, 21 assorted peach jams ( peach jalapeno, peach vanilla, and peach with brown sugar), and 20 pints of cranberries.

This week I need to finish working up the peaches, I have a little over 2 gallons of peaches to make jam with. I was gifted about 6 cases of canning jars so I need to get them cleaned up this week. I bought 2 cases of apples when they were on sale week before last so I need to start getting them put up.


I haven’t got any sewing done but really need to get with it I want to get some Christmas pillows made and I want to make the daycare kids a pillow blanket set for Christmas. And the best thing happened I was gifted a brand new Bernina sewing machine. I have wanted one of these for like forever. My Mom had a brand new one that she was given several years ago but it is more complicated then she can figure out and she and my Dad are trying to declutter so since I am the only one in the family who sews they asked if I wanted it. I am so excited, it quilts and does embroidery in addition to all the extra stitches.


Fiber arts

I did gt 2 washcloths done and I made a round little girls vest which turned out so cute. I am thinking about making and selling these.S want to make a few more of these and make some ear warmers and socks.


This is what I had from last week and didn’t get any of it done so I will hopefully get it done this week

I didn’t get lessons put together over the weekend so I want to get them planned and ready this week. I have a few ideas that I want to do with them so we will do that this week. I want to change out the dramatic play area. I have got to get the lesson plans done. Just been winging it and it is a pain to do it that way.


I had been working off and on and nothing while hunting. I also started doing IF eating ( Intermittent fasting) did pretty good till hunting. So will try to start eating IF and working out every day. Have to get the extra weight off and in shape before JOleens wedding,

Extra Bussiness.

I need to get busy and get my food handlers’ licenses so I can start selling some jams, cookies, and breads. I also want to start taking orders for little girls vest and make up some Christmas wreaths to sell. 

I turned the goats in with the billy to get all the does bred then I will sell the billy.

What I am reading

Haha I haven’t had time to even think about reading hopefully this winter I can get some done


Get all the fall stuff put up and mostly ready for winter. I do want to put some seed down before it snows but and going to wait a few weeks before I do that. I do have a few things on the playground that I want to try and get done. and maybe start getting Christmas put up.


This is new, I will be posting the things we have done and the things we need to do to get ready for Joleen’s wedding. So this past week we picked out the dress. This next week we want to get some things put together to ask the bridesmaids and maid of honor.




  • Toast and bananas
  • waffles
  • Scrambled eggs
  • French Toast
  • Yogurt & Fruit

With this, we will have toast, or whatever sides I want to have with it.



  • Cheese pizzas
  • Mac & Cheese with hamburger
  • Fried spam / potatoes
  • Turkey & Cheese  Kabobs
  • Chicken & dumplings

Will have whatever kind of fruit and vegetables I have,

For Andy’s lunch, he will have leftovers from the night before.



  • HM HB Helper
  • Green chili enchiladas
  • Pork Chops
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Cheese spaghetti

We will have a veggie of some sort, and bread with each meal. 


Andy’s Snacks (He takes a snack for the break at work)
Zucchini bread
Donuts ( I found on a clearance sale)