Week Review and Goals

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This will be more of a quick 2-month review.


The first weekend I went to Farmington with Joleen, Katie and a couple of their friends to go wedding dress shopping. It was so much fun and we found a dress. Although it makes it all too real now that my little girl is getting married.
The second weekend we preg checked the cows on Saturday.

Then on Sunday we had a Birthday party for my Mom.

We bought a new to us jeep. Got a really good deal on it. We will use it for Andy to back and forth to work, and take our other jeep and fix it up for a better rock crawler. We took it out for a day trip. It ran pretty well.
On the 22nd we made a fast tri to Farmington to go to  Napi and get 800 pounds of potatoes. 
For Thanksgiving, we went to my Dad’s for dinner, The evening after we went to my stepdaughters for our family meal. On Saturday night the grange had a dance that we went to then after we left that we went to my Brothers for a bonfire stayed way later then we had planned but it was a lot of fun.


On the 5th after work, we went with a few other people from Andy’s work to buy gifts for some underprivileged kids. His work sponsors two families every year for Christmas.
On the 7th we went to the parade of lights it was really god this year a lot more floats than usual and the weather was perfect for it.

This was my brother’s truck that he entered.

I spent the rest of the month decorating and getting ready for Christmas. We went to my Dad’s on Christmas eve. I put some family history books together for my Brothers on our family and I did some on Andy’s family for him and the kids. They turned out good and everyone loved them.
On Christmas day the kids came over and we cooked brunch and opened gifts. I got an air fryer and a new tablet from Andy and the girls got me ( made) a barn door for the laundry room it turned out beautiful and can’t wait to get it hung.
Hard to believe the year is already over.



I need to work on potatoes I want to freeze and can them, I also have some apples, oranges, grapefruit, onions, and cranberries I need to get worked up.

I also want to start making all my bread again, I need to also make a cake and some muffins for the week.


I haven’t got much sewing done lately I do have some mending I need to try and get done. I also want to make some new curtains for my kitchen and some covers for my throw pillows in the living room. 

Fiber Arts

I made a small girls vest last month and I want to make some more and maybe try to sell a few they are super cute and pretty easy to make. Still working on washcloths, I gave several away with soaps this Christmas.


I am starting a new fitness program and will be trying to work out every day. I am also starting Intermittent fasting with a little keto. I need to be in a little better shape and a little thinner by July for Joleen’s wedding.I need to loss 50 pounds and a few sizes.


I am starting a new lesson plan geared towards younger kids. I want to get the whole month’s lessons and all the craft materials put together.

Extra Business

I still haven’t gotten my food handlers permit so hoping to get on that soon.

What I am reading

I haven’t had time to do any reading.


Most everything is covered in snow but I do have a few bags of used coffee grounds that I want to spread in my raised beds.

What are your goals for the week?

One Reply to “Week Review and Goals”

  1. NRP

    Morning All,
    First can I talk you into giving a report on the Air Fryer; I have been thinking on one, but a little pricy to just jump in. Thanks in Advanced.

    Ok goals for the week.
    1. Got the first of the Shingles Shots, people seriously get your Singles Shot, I had Shingles about 6 months ago, and I’m still having effects from it. The new shots are 92% effective
    2. I officially have 115 days till full retirement, so this week I’m redoing my budgets and Deep Pantry. I’m hoping to be 100% Self Sustaining on the food side, and have a total Budget on less than 200 per week, Including all Electrical Phones, Internet, Fuel, Insurances (medical and vehicle), and so-on.
    3. I’m adding a few things to the Pantry this week, a few holes I found, also another couple hundred Canning Lids, some more detergents and Clorox, and yes another 100 rolls TP.
    4. Hitting up the local Used Book Store, I do enjoy a good read, and will have a LOT more time for that.
    5. Lastly this week, I’m lining up a full service of all vehicles, full oil changes, Break Inspections, All the goodies.
    6. Like Connie, I’m heading out to NAPA to get a bag or two of Potatoes, 100 pound sacks. Also to see what else that might still have.

    So anyways that should be a good start on the week.