What is a Deep Pantry, Why You Need One and How to Start PT 5 “So What Do I Need in my Deep Pantry PT2”

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When people talk about a deep Pantry/food Storage they mostly just think of food. But there are a lot of other things that one needs to have a Deep Pantry / Food Storage. Don’t get discouraged when you see the list. If you are following along with the Deep Pantry/ Food Storage challenge a lot of these things are included in that. A lot of these things you can also make your self with some of the basic things you have in your pantry. I tried to point out the things that you can make your self, and I will try as time goes by to do how to post on them.

Personal Hygiene Products, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath soap, Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, Deodorant, Hairspray (when the girls were in high school they would have said this was the most important hahah) lotion, Some of these things you can also make yourself if you have the stuff stored for, and know how to make them I have some of these things stored but I also have the stuff to make my own stored.

Extra contacts and supplies if you wear contacts, also extra glasses, razors ( you can also make a sugar wax for hair removal) and blades, shave cream ( again you can make your own),

Feminine Products, If you have preteen girls stock up for them also. You can make or buy reusables. Be sure to store these where mice or other varmints can’t get into them. If stored outside in a shed just put in plastic totes to keep safe from critters. Add a few extra packages of pads these are great to use on bleeding wounds.

Paper Products, Paper plates, Disposable cups, Eating utensils, (these are great if you have a short term water outage, you don’t have to worry about having to wash dishes), Garbage bags, Foil, Plastic wrap, Baggies, assorted sizes, diaper wipes( even if you don’t have a baby these are handy for a lot of things), Napkins, Paper towels, Toilet tissue. You can also store rags to use for napkins, paper towels,  & T.P. I buy a bag of rags at the second-hand store for a dollar, they are usually just t-shirts. I take them home and wash them in bleach then cut them to use paper towels, napkins and you can make family clothes out of them. They are reusable but if a nasty mess you can throw them away.

Cleaning supplies, you can get what you normally use or you can get just the basics such as ammonia, vinegar, & baking soda. Don’t forget you can also make all your cleaning supplies. Steel wool, scrub pads, mops, disinfectant spray and wipes, furniture polish, and oils ( you can also make your own polish and oil) brooms and dustpans.

Laundry Supplies, Soap ( or make your own), bleach or other whitener, fabric softener ( or make your own), stain remover, starch, Iron, and an alternative washing method such as a washboard or a bucket and plunger system (5-gallon bucket and a plunger, if you can drill a couple of large holes in the top of you plunger it makes it a little easier to use), clothesline and pins, A indoor drying rack is also pretty handy in the winter.

Canning supplies, being able to can when you have extra fruit, vegetables and meat is so handy and saves a ton of freezer space. Canner (pressure and water bath), spare parts for your canners, jars, lids, rings, jar lifter, and a good canning book.

Cast Iron cookware. This is nice to have if you have to cook on an open fire or a grill.

Hand powered kitchen tools, A manual can opener is a must, 

Water, I will get into this more in a different post.

Here are some other things that are needed but I will go into more detail in a different post.

Sewing supplies, Gardening supplies, Fuel for cooking, lighting, First Aid, Bedding, and Books.


2 Replies to “What is a Deep Pantry, Why You Need One and How to Start PT 5 “So What Do I Need in my Deep Pantry PT2””

  1. NRP

    I strongly encourage people to make List of what one uses now, and expand that for the numbers of days you would like to have food to eat (other supplies also) after TSHTF.
    And NOOOO take-out Pizza is not a food source.
    Also make sure you keep an Inventory, on paper, will do no good to have it on the computer if the power goes out.
    Just my ¢ worth

  2. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

    First off thanks for adding your input on all the posts. Sorry, I haven’t been able to respond in a timely matter have new daycare kids and trying to work on catching up on some canning so haven’t had much computer time.

    I haven’t used the air fryer very much but so far I like it. I did pork chops in it last night and they were so good. I have also warmed up some pizza and made FF in it they have all been good. Looking forward to doing more in it.

    I am really hoping people are paying attention to these post because as you mentioned in a previous comment there are a lot of things going on right now and it isn’t going to take much to push things over the edge.

    Glad you were able to get more T.P. you can never have too much hahaha.

    Have a great day,