Week Review and Goals

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I spent half of the week sick even ended up taking Wednesday and Thursday off which is something I very rarely ever do. I didn’t feel good Tuesday so as soon as the kids left I went to bed. Then on Friday I only had 3 kids so it was a light day. I was able to get a lot of canning done Monday then finished up Tuesday a lot of it was easy stuff that just needed to be put in jars and process.. Have a lot more to do though.

We had company over the weekend they came in Saturday morning and stayed the night. They came to help Andy play the dance at the grange. One of the main guys that is trying to bring the grange back wants me to be on the board I had pretty much decided not to do it but he was really wanting me to so I am thinking it over again. ( ya know since I don’t have anything to do haha)

Saturday after they got here Beth and I went to town so I could pick up a few things. While we were doing that the guys were setting up the equipment at the grange. When we got back we met them at the grange then decided to go have lunch right quick at the little cafe here, After that Beth and I came back to the house and they went back to the grange to finish setting up and to practice. I made a king ranch casserole for dinner. The guys and the other couple that plays with them came back to the house about an hour and a half before the dance started so we ate dinner and got ready to go. There wasn’t a lot of turn out but was still fun.

The next morning we cooked breakfast for everyone then the guys went down to the shop to play a little more beth and I just hung out and visited, they left around 3. Wish they lived a little closer we always have so much fun together.


Being sick most of the week I didn’t get much done.

I still have all my Christmas up ( haven’t had time to take it down) So really wanting to get it put up this week.



I need to work on potatoes I want to freeze and can them, I also have some apples, oranges, grapefruit, onions, and cranberries I need to get worked up. I was able to get one case of apples canned and most of the cranberries done. SO need to work on the rest of the stuff.

I also want to start making all my bread again, I need to also make a cake and some muffins for the week.


I haven’t got much sewing done lately I do have some mending I need to try and get done. I also want to make some new curtains for my kitchen and some covers for my throw pillows in the living room. 

Fiber Arts

I made a small girls vest last month and I want to make some more and maybe try to sell a few they are super cute and pretty easy to make. Still working on washcloths, I gave several away with soaps this Christmas.


I only worked out Monday and Tuesday so hoping to back on track this week.

I am starting a new fitness program and will be trying to work out every day. I am also starting Intermittent fasting with a little keto. I need to be in a little better shape and a little thinner by July for Joleen’s wedding. I need to lose 50 pounds and a few sizes.


I did get most of this done but still need the last week put together.

I am starting a new lesson plan geared towards younger kids. I want to get the whole month’s lessons and all the craft materials put together.

Extra Business

I still haven’t gotten my food handlers permit so hoping to get on that soon.

What I am reading

I haven’t had time to do any reading.


Most everything is covered in snow but I do have a few bags of used coffee grounds that I want to spread in my raised beds.

What are your goals for the week?


4 Replies to “Week Review and Goals”

  1. Kellie

    Thank you for your very helpful information on frugal living. I found your site last Fall and follow along trying to especially implement your Deep Pantry challenge. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help! Hope you are feeling better…

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thank you, it makes it worth it when I know I am helping someone. And thanks I am feeling better and hope that is all the sickness I get this winter lol.

      Have a great day

  2. Chaniqua

    I’m glad you are feeling better. Two of my boys have a touch of something. At the first sign I started fighting it. Luckily it seems like it is a minor cold. At school they pick up all kind of gross things.

    I have one child that has only been sick once and has what seems like an amazing immune system. Then I have one that if someone even says the word cold he gets sick lol.

    This new virus out of China is kind of scary. If need be I will stay home and not go out. Walmart pick up anything I really need.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thank you, This new thing in China is defiantly a little concerning in fact I am getting ready to doa post on it hope to have it out today or tomorrow on how to prep for it. Hoping it doesn’t get too bad here but isn’t looking very good.
      Have a great day