Getting ready for Coronavirus

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I had wanted to do this last week but having strep throat knocked me for a loop. Been a very long time since I have been that sick. Better now so hoping to get back at it.

Well, the coronavirus is now mainstream and hopefully, you have already stocked up on things. The CDC is recommending at least 14 days’ worth of food. I feel it should be at least a month if not 3. I don’t want to scare you just want to make you aware so you can get the supplies that you need now why you still can.

A couple of other things that you need to keep in mind. The supply chain from China and possible Mexico has been very disrupted. With most of the ports in China closed and most factories closed there is nothing being shipped and since most all our goods come from there it is going to be an issue. I read where they are predicting that by April the stores will start to see empty shelves. I feel like it may be sooner since a lot of people who don’t normally stock up are seeing that this could be an issue and are panic buying. And this one I am not positive about but thought I would throw it out there. Trump has talked about closing the southern border. Will that include shipments because we get a lot of our produce from there.

Now I am going to make it a little more interesting and throw out something else. Remember all the flooding and all the crop losses last year? Well between that and the shutdown in China I think we are getting ready to see some major food shortages. 

If you haven’t already and if at all possible go get at least a month’s worth of food ( more if you can). If you are not sure what to get just look at what you eat in a month and what you use n a month and let that be a guide you don’t need to run out and buy a bunch of survival foods get things that you normally eat ( store what you eat and eat what you store) Also start getting seeds you will need to grow some of your own food this year. If you don’t have a lot of room do container gardening there is a lot of information on how-to on the web.

If money is tight ( when isn’t it lol) here is a list of things you can make with some of the basics such as flour, baking soda, etc. Try to get as much of the basics as you can. If heaven forbid we do have to have quarantines you will have time to cook from scratch. Here is a list of things you can make with your basics

Speaking of quarantines they are already talking about shutting down schools and having as many people as possible work from home. Something to think about, stuff to do for you and for the kids. Books, puzzles, games, etc. If money is tight, go to the library and check out some books to read. If you have to you can renew over the phone ( if they are even there). 

What do you need?

Hopefully, you already have a few things in your pantry to work with. As I mentioned above figure out what you eat for the month and go from there. If money gets tight get things to make inexpensive meals with.  


Hamburger ( you can make 4 meals with a pound of hamburger)

Chicken ( get legs and thighs if money is tight).

Beans no this is not meat but it can be used in place of meat in a lot of dishes and is a high protein source.


Pasta, they are cheap and filling use with butter, cheese sauce or pasta sauce. WM has pasta for 1.00 and they have Hunts pasta sauce for a 1.00

Rice can be eaten as a meal ( just add a few veggies and some meat), add into things as a filler.

There are more ideas here. Now is not the time to try and introduce a lot of unfamiliar foods to your family. Try to stay as close as you can to what you are eating now. Maybe try a new thing every here and there.

 Don’t forget things like toilet paper, diapers if needed, wipes, hygiene products, hand sanitizer, bleach, ect..

Also, remember your pets and get food for them.  

I wanted to add this comment from the other day on the week 8 deep pantry challenge. This isn’t too far from me.

Hey all;
Just did a Deep Pantry infusion at Sam’s Club aka Wally World bulk food store. This will be my last trip there for several months.
Remembering I’m in the middle of Podunk Four Corners a Small city of around 35k and a few small towns around.
People around are fairly independent; Farmers and Rancher sort of place.

Anyways, what I found was interesting.
Zero White Rice, normally several pallets on the floor and in Racks.
Beans were hit HARD
Pastas and Sauces also hit hard as were soups and “quick” ready to eat foods.
TP and other paper products I would say….. Down to 30% left
Very few 3-packs of Bleach left
Hand Sanitizer in the 4 Pak were set everywhere as were “free to use” opened Sanitizers
Meats and Vegetables section was good to go
Liquor was hit hard (I helped, hehehe)
A lot of bottled water was in carts along with Paper Products
I was surprised to see so many “Flat Bed” carts completely full, a LOT of merchandise moving FAST

What was most surprising was the number of folks there at 11:00AM on a Friday, that’s usually the slower time, hence is why I went then. Sam’s actually had ALL of their checkout cashers on line, and the Self Checkouts were 80% full…. A LOT of buyers.
I did ask the Checker how it was going, she just rolled her eyes… looked tired.

The Sam’s Club here also has Fuel, it was packed busy but not a rush type thing

Also it seems there is a lot of traffic on the roads, Most of the Strip Malls had a lot of people there also, did not pass WW and have NO intentions of going there.


Hopefully, this will all blow over but as I mentioned even if the virus goes away we are still going to see food shortages. Prepare as best you can.