Quick Check In.

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I hope everyone is doing good and surviving all the craziness going on right now. And staying safe. I just wanted to check in right quick. I shut my daycare down the first of April and Andy has also been off work so we have been using this time to try and get several of the things on our to-do list done while we have had the time. We laid the floor in our bedroom ( we have had the stuff for it for about 7 years just haven’t had the time to do it), got a fence built, have done some deep cleaning and went through several boxes of things I have been needing to go through. Got seeds started for the garden to name a few and now getting ready to do the floor in the master bath then hoping to get a pump set up in the creek and pipe laid to the house so we have water for the yard and garden and not have to use city water anymore for it ( I am so excited about this).


Please keep trying to learn the new skills and cooking from scratch and making do with what you have.  And most importantly, plan and start a garden even if you have to put things in pots on your porch something is better then nothing. It is going to be a very very long time before things are back to “Normal” if they ever are. It took 3 years for the Spanish flu to finally dissipate. I have read that there are 8 different strains of this virus ( I truly believe it is a manmade virus) so there is no telling how long this is going to last. And putting the virus to the side, the economic ramifications are going to be huge, I have read that it is going to be worse than the great depression  ( I pray not) plus factor in the food shortages that we were already going to have before the virus even came along we are in for some hard times.


I am planning on redoing this blog, just kind of a little rebranding, I was going to do this last year then things got crazy and I didn’t get it done. I asked my cousin to help me figure it out ( she is an amazing artist and designer) I am wanting to go to more of a DIY and scratch cooking etc things and ideas to help get through the hard times. I will still be doing the preparedness side of it. I also want to get a little more dedicated to it then I have been this past year. I have always wanted to do at least five posts a week but I think I overwhelm myself with that then end up not doing any or just one. I think I will set the goal at at least three a week then if I can get more out good if not still good.


I am hoping by next week more than likely towards the end of the week to be back to posting full time. And responding to the comments. This weekend we will be finishing the floor and I am wanting to get some stuff done outside and if the pump is in working on that before having to go back to work week after next. I will respond to the comments next week also.


Everyone, please stay safe and take care.






2 Replies to “Quick Check In.”

  1. Kellie

    Glad to hear from you, Connie!

    We are doing ok, but as things happen when you least expect them to, we are having to move! Of all times…. we are definitely trusting the Lord!

    Thanks to following your blog, I had prepared some with food, so thank goodness!

    Take care and stay safe also.