Week’s in Review and Goals

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Well, one thing about it with the having to stay home we haven’t really been going anywhere so we have had time to work on projects at home. Here are a few things we have had going on the past couple of weeks. I am back to work part-time, most of my parents are only working part-time so I haven’t had very many on any given day. I have decided to take Fridays off over the summer officially. I really don’t have any kids on Fridays but this way I know for a fact I will have it off and can plan accordingly. Which it will be nice to have a three day weekend in the summer when it is busiest.


We have been working on a solar pump to bring water up to the house from the creek which is something we have been wanting to do for several years now. It will be so nice to have water that I don’t have to pay for.


We hauled some good dirt from the old home place to add to my raised beds and got a little dirt from the corrals to add in also so hopefully they will produce a little better this year.

IFA had some raspberry plants so I picked up 4 of them to plant.


We have a couple of large tractor tires I want to use as planters by the chicken coop to put in lavender and mint. We got the top side cut out and I have started adding dirt to them.


I bought 4 one-year-old chickens from a friend and when I went to pick them up we were able to have a really nice visit. Something I do need to do more often is to take time out of my hectic schedule to visit more with friends. I really enjoy it when I do.


Katie moved to Texas and not going to lie I am really having a hard time with it. I guess I just never thought about my kids moving away. She will be staying at her brother’s for a while so at least I know that she will be in a safe place. Joleen followed her down to help her get settled, she stayed a few days to visit then she went down to see Skyler at White Sands before she comes home.

Been trying to get the garden ready to plant running behind on the garden here at the house but hoping to have it all done this weekend. We did get the garden over at the lease planted.


Goals Time to get back to setting my weekly goals.


Finish up the strawberries, I have a bunch of bananas I want to get into the freezer for my shakes, make a cake for Andy to have some strawberry shortcake, Make yogurt, get some raw turmeric in the freezer, Make sourdough bread I think my starter is good enough to start using, and I have a few potatoes left that I need to finish canning up. Get my extra eggs oiled and put in the fridge for long term storage.


Fiber Arts

I would like to get a quilt started for a Christmas present but don’t know if I will get that far, I also want to start some little girls crocheted vest to sell this fall.


Get garden planted and my raised beds finished and planted.

Get the front yard doable for the kids to play in. Mow and get the outside toys set up.

Get the back patio area put together and mow the back yard.



I would like to get a fodder system set back up for the chickens.

Get things set up so we can start AI ing cows the first of the month.

Work on a fermenting schedule for pig and chicken feed.



We haven’t been doing much since all I have is a couple of part-time kids so I would like to get a couple of projects put together that we can work on.



Start working on a more set schedule I have just been hitting and missing ( more missing than not).

I think that maybe it for this week’s goals. I am sure I will add more as the week goes by haha.


What are your goals for the week?