Homesteading Ranch Savings Challenge

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Weekly savings challenge

It is finally starting to warm up here although the wind has been vicious and I am really pretty much over it. 


Here are some of the things I have done this past week to save money. Some things only save a few pennies but every little bit adds up.

  1. Hung clothes out to dry.
  2. Made bread.
  3. Canned several pints of green chili.
  4. Bought a ready to butcher pig.
  5. Canned some blueberries that were in the freezer to make room for the pig.
  6. Fermented feed for the pigs and chickens.
  7. Averaging about 9 eggs a day from the chickens.
  8. Cut my own grass.
  9. Used a few coupons at the store.
  10. Paid some more on my credit card.
  11. Tended my sourdough starter ( hoping to make bread with it this week)
  12. Added more tin cans to the can ( we will take these to the scrap yard with the rest of the metal when we get enough. It doesn’t pay a lot but every penny counts.
  13. Washed out some used baggies to reuse
  14. Was gifted some rhubarb from a friend.
  15. Worked some more on the water project.
  16. Made sure lights were all out in rooms not in use.
  17. Cooked all meals from scratch.
  18. Staked the goats out to eat grass.
  19. Got eggs oiled and in the fridge for long term storage.
  20. Planted the tops of some pineapples to try and start my own pineapple plants. 
  21. Used the fuel points from City market for 90 cents off on gas.
  22. Added more tin cans to the bucket to take and sell.
  23. Added more aluminum and cans to the aluminum can.
  24. Ate leftovers from the night before for lunches.

That might have been about it. 

What were you able to do to save

One Reply to “Homesteading Ranch Savings Challenge”

  1. NRP

    Biggest thing I got done???
    Garden is 100% planted….. YEAHHHHHH
    Now just water and a few weeds to pull.
    Looking forward to Fall Harvest time….