Frugal Challenge-Get a Jump Start on Christmas

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Ya, all are going to love this one haha. We all know the economy is in a downward spiral and the future of it isn’t looking real good at the moment. We may be in the beginning stages of a severe economic depression. So with this in mind, I am going to put this out there.

Getting a jump start on Christmas, Told you you were going to love this hahaha.

Money is more than likely to be extra tight this Christmas. So now is the time to make that list and decide who you are giving gifts to and what you are going to give. By starting now you have time to shop for sales or make your gifts. 

I plan to make all the gifts this year, especially since I am working extra hard at getting out of debt.

If making your gifts get an idea of how long it will take to finish each project and put some time aside each week or each day to work on them. If you are not sure of what you want to make Pinterest has a ton of ideas and tutorials.

If you don’t feel like you can make any gifts start shopping the sales and don’t forget the yard sale and second-hand stores. You can pick something up from these places then add new paint of jazz it up to fit the personality of whomever you are giving it to.

Don’t forget home-canned foods are always a big hit. When making jellies, jams, etc. plan on making a few for gifts. You can put in smaller jars or larger depending on who you are giving them to.

So by planning and starting now you will have gifts that are low cost and nice without the hassle of stressing over the financial.


3 Replies to “Frugal Challenge-Get a Jump Start on Christmas”

  1. Karen

    This lockdown time has allowed me the chance to purge and organize my home. Even the attic! I have sold enough items to fund my Christmas account and discovered “projects” to make for gifts.

    1. Post author

      That is awesome, The holidays will be great for you since you won’t have to stress about the money side of it. One thing about all the lockdowns I think a lot of people have been able to get some deep cleaning done, projects done, and going through things. I know I was able to get a lot done that I hadn’t had much time for before.
      Have a great day

  2. Kellie

    I would love to make all Christmas gifts this year! Not sure I will be able to start them at this time, but the planning is important too, and I can do that. Thanks for bringing it up, Connie!