Homesteading/Ranch Savings Challenge

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It has been so hot here the past week. I worked in the yard but it was in shifts a little outside then a little inside. I am pretty sure I wasn’t made for the heat haha.

Here are some of the things I have done this past week to save money. Even going camping I was able to save on some things. Some things only save a few pennies but every little bit adds up. I am going to add something new to the bottom of the list. My fails for the week, there are always a few of them.

So this is what I have done the past couple of weeks to save.

  1. Hung clothes on the line.
  2. Undid 4 light bulbs in the bathroom so only one is working (it is a 5 light bulb fixture)
  3. Put used coffee grounds and tea bags in the compost pile.
  4. Added more tin cans to the can ( we will take these to the scrap yard with the rest of the metal when we get enough. It doesn’t pay a lot but every penny counts.
  5. Washed out some used baggies to reuse.
  6. Averaging about 3 eggs a day, I think the heat is getting to the chicken too.
  7. Added more aluminum cans to the aluminum can bucket
  8. Ate leftovers from the night before for lunches.
  9. Been leaving the windows are open at night so the house will be cool in the morning hours.
  10. Bought a case of peaches on sale to can.
  11. Added eggs to the water glassing bucket.
  12. Saving water from when we are letting it get warm to use for watering plants.
  13. Froze some spinach that was about to be done.
  14. Gathered the seeds from the onions we planted last year that we saved for seed this year.( Onions won’t seed till the second year so always leave a few plants for the next year to get seeds from)


Fails for the week

While I try very hard to be frugal and do a lot of DIY’s I do have a few failures.

  1. Had to buy bread since I didn’t get any made this week.
  2. Bought a fountain soda at the convenience store. I have been pretty good about not buying a soda in town but it just sounded so good haha. I did refill my own cup for a lower price so that has to count for something.
  3. Forgot the water on the garden ugh watered half the county.

Hope to do better next week.

One Reply to “Homesteading/Ranch Savings Challenge”

  1. NRP & Blue

    Hi All.
    Well I’m going to turn this around and list the Failures first, that way when I get to the “Good” stuff I’ll feel better… HAHAHA

    1. Failed miserably at not running AC. Been so hot, with even leaving the windows open all night it’s 80 inside by 10:00
    2. Went to Sam’s Club, had to wait in line to get in, the run on food is starting again, anyways, I paid off the Sam’s CC, unfortunately I bought a bunch of stuff and left the “Cash” in the Jeep, so had to charge on the same CC I just paid off UGHHHHH
    3. Did 4.5 pounds of hamburger Jerky Monday, wellllll let’s just say it’ll be good dog treats, way under spiced it, ohhhh well Blue likes it.

    Ok, that’s enough of that, now for the good stuff.

    1. Found a great sale on meats at Shamrock Foods, a local warehouse sales that sells to public, 50% off on a few things that were “timing out”.
    2. Paid off the Sam’s Club CC…… HAHAHAHA you know the rest already…
    3. Have basically gotten to the point with the Deep Pantry that I only need to buy stuff when it’s “On Sale”.
    4. Found $56 in a suitcase that I was cleaning out… Have no idea what it was doing there, but what a score!!!!!!
    5. Garden is really starting to come in, canning and Dehydrating time is at hand.
    Tis about it for this week.
    Keep on Preparing my friends, hard times are heading this way for sure.