The Eye of the Storm, Are you Prepared?

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Empty grocery shelves

Last year I asked if you were prepared for the upcoming food shortages? Then Covid hit this year and we got to see what happens when there is a nationwide disaster. Empty shelves, people not able to pay their bills, people with no food. It has been extremely hard on a lot of people who were not prepared.

Things are slowly starting to get back on the shelves. But as they are coming back the prices are rising.

I believe we are in the eye of the storm and things are about to get way worse then they have been. We are in the eye of the storm and have little time to prepare before things get really bad. As I mentioned in my previous post we have food shortages headed our way and they have nothing to do with Covid. So add Covid to the mix and throw in the elections (no matter who wins) I feel like things are about to get very ugly. 

I know a lot of stores are starting to get things back in stock, but there are still empty shelves, and in some stores they are filling in the empty spaces with the stuff they do have one or two deep to beable to go further down the shelf. There are still limits on some things and the prices are starting to go way up. There are now shortages on things like alumina cans, lumber, and canning supplies in some areas are getting hard to find. 

Last week, an absolutely massive “derecho” roared through the Midwest.  According to USA Today, the storm had winds of up to 112 miles per hour. 

Early estimates say the derecho flattened at least one-third of Iowa’s crops – about 10 million acres, according to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. In addition, tens of millions of bushels of grain that were stored at co-ops and on farms were damaged or destroyed as bins blew away.

So add this to all the crop losses and all the animals that have been lost due to weather events and the losses from having to euthanize so many due to Covid. In addition to the state of the economy that they are barely holding together. It will come crashing down and I feel sooner than later ( I really pray I am wrong). And there will be a second and third wave of Covid regardless of what your thoughts are on it it will have an impact on our economy and our way of life.

As I mentioned above we are in the eye of the storm. Please look at where your holes were during the shutdown. If you haven’t started to prepare please please do get a few month’s worth of food if at all possible if you are new to this and just starting go here for the basics to help you get started. Time is getting short. There is no time waste I know a lot of you are struggling already but try to do all you can to get ready buy a few extra things when you go shopping learn to cook from scratch, learn to make your own. Learn how to grow salad greens inside during the winter, Basically learn to live as our Grandparents did during the depression. 

Time is running out please get prepared. Don’t have to be one of the thousands that had to line up in the massive lines for food from the food banks in Texas this past week.



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