Homesteading / Ranch Savings Challenge

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 I have been gone for a while been busy but hoping to start posting this once a week again. Been trying to get ready for fall and winter. We had our labor day music festival, did a couple more jeep trips, had a couple of birthday parties we went to, got most all my fall stuff put up in the house, got some more canning done had a freeze so we got the tomatoes covered right before it froze so hopefully will have a few more tomatoes and a few more things.

My microwave died and we really don’t have the money to replace it so I brought the small one in from the camper to use in the house.

I took another lotion and body butter course and can’t wait to start making it this way is a little different then what I have done in the past so excited to start making it.

So here are a few things I have done the past few weeks to save.

  1. Hung out clothes on the line to dry.
  2. Was gifted about 20 small pie pumpkins, about 20 pounds of various onions, and about 20 pounds various squash. I will can and freeze all of these.
  3. Was gifted some toys for the daycare.
  4. Got a load of scrap wood for the woodstove from Andy’s work.
  5. Added more tin cans to the can ( we will take these to the scrap yard with the rest of the metal when we get enough. It doesn’t pay a lot but every penny counts.
  6. Saved our aluminum cans.
  7. Took food from home for the jeep trips.
  8. Put used coffee grounds and tea bags in the compost pile.
  9. Feed scraps to pigs and goats.
  10. Made bread
  11. Canned several jars of Rotel and chipolata tomatoes
  12. Cooked all meals from scratch and ate leftovers for lunch ( we did order pizza one night but we got two meals from it for 15 dollars)
  13. Made a big batch of french toast to have for the kids.
  14. Opened windows instead of turning the cooler on.


I know there was more but about all, I can think of for now. What were you able to get done this past week to save money?