“Let’s Make a Plan”

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“Let’s Make a Plan”
Guest Article by NRP & Blue, March 1, 2021.
Part Two of Four

Hi All, yes tis Monday again, Time to see how you did at making your “lists”.

So how did you all do?
Hopefully you started your Month List of things you are using for a month????
If not, this would be a GREAT day to start being it’s the beginning of a new month.
Get going on that list, knowing what to store for a month is going to be of the upmost importance in your “Plan”.
One hint, read Connie’s Weekly Challenge as far as what to start storing on the Food and other stuff.
Also have you been thinking on a few other things?
Knowing where your Family is at all times is mighty important in an Emergency.
Ok, let’s start with a “Plan” on getting your Family Safe When/If TSHTF.

Where are the Kids: at school, at a Friend’s, at home?
Will your School let you have them even if their computers are down and they are in “Lock-Down” mode?
How about if they are at a friend’s home?
Do the “adults” there know what to do with your Children if the Phones are not working?
Can your kids walk home or do you need to go get them?
Do their friends have water they can send with them?
Will the friends Adults bring them home to you or do you need to go to them?
MAKE A PLAN!!! Get with the places they go and work it out with them.

Ok, where is the Spouse?
Are they at work? Can they get home if the Vehicle is not working?
How about if they are at a store or out-and-about?
Can they get home without your help?
Are they close to your kids and can get them?
How about Hubby? Is he working 50 miles away and has no way to contact you, can you handle getting the Family together and make the home ‘safe’ till he gets home?
Same goes for the Lady of the home, can she get home those 50 miles, knowing you will be safe there with all the things you need to do?
MAKE A PLAN, Know what needs to be done in advance.

How about your Parents or Friends you plan of staying with you?
Will they need help?
Are you planning for them to stay with you If/When?
How close are they?
Can you get them without endangering the others in your Family?

Let’s talk about your “SHTF List”
What is on your list? You did do a list of probable “events” right?
Ok, here we go with my OHHH POOP, Biggest SHTF event.
Loss of Power, and I don’t mean an hour or a couple of days without power, I mean an all-out Grid Down power failure.
First and foremost: Family RIGHT, we already went over that, so let’s move on.
Want are you going to need to last a year or longer without Power?
Heck (yes I cleaned that up…. AGAIN hehehe) of a Question right?
There is a common thing most Preppers out there use called the “List of Threes”
Here is my version:
3 Nano-seconds to think.
3 Seconds to react, security
3 Minutes without Air to breath
3 Hours without Shelter
3 Days without Water
3 Weeks without Food
3 Months without Resupplying
3 Years without Rebuilding
Take away anyone of these and your Toast. I do have an Article on these and will get it posted someday.
So I ask you again, what are you going to do IF/When the Grid goes down?
Do you have the Knowledge to provide for yourself and Family?
Do you have a ‘Plan’ to go somewhere else if TSHTF? Maybe getting the heck OUT of the Cities?
Can you find and supply Water, A Shelter, Food, Protection, How about preserving Food for long term? Gardening, Hunting, Fishing, Foraging????
Do yourself a favor; get the Fiction Book called “Lights Out” by Dave Crawford.

Make a list for Medical needs. Meds and the sort.
Do you have a GREAT First Aid Kit?
Can you patch up a severe cut or GSW?
How about a broken leg/arm, head injury?
Get some First Aid training NOW! Someone’s live may depend on it.

Ok, one last thing for this week.
For those that think after a major SHTF (an EMP for example) there will be Law and Order, Food Supplies, Running Tap Water, Instant Medical, Cell-Phones, on and on well I do wish you the very best of luck.
OR maybe, just maybe nothing will happen to disrupt our world? Hows that working out?

Just remember when seconds matter, help is only minutes or more away (or not at all), you MUST be able to help yourself and yours; Remembering that the Stores have maybe, MAYBE, 3 days of food in them. How fast did the Stores run out of Food, Bottled Water AND TP last year?

2 Replies to ““Let’s Make a Plan””

  1. Toni (in Niagara)

    Thanks for another great article NRP. Does Blue do the editing, or is he more of an “idea man?”
    Yep……”hope for the best but plan for the worst.”

    Best wishes,

    1. NRP & Blue

      Ahhhhh Ole Blue comes in next when we start planning the Food Storage and Shelter… HAHAHAH