What is a Deep Pantry, Why You Need One and How to Start PT 8 ” Self Defense”

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Ok, this may be a touchy subject for some of you but it is necessary and may save your life or family members, not to mention it could put food on your table.

A firearm is extremely important to have in your home whether you are getting ready for hard times or not, and since I do believe things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. I feel it is important to share this with you. I believe gun sales a skyrocketing because a lot of people are seeing the light.


Personally, I believe every family member old enough to handle a firearm should be taught safety factors and target practice. Adult members should also have holsters (either concealed or otherwise) for ease of carrying for when things go south. Safety should be more than just firearms. It also includes such things as situational and strategic awareness, home and property security, communications, and property security, communications, and local relations (friends, neighbors, community.)


There are people out there who plan to attack your family and take what they want if things get out of control. Look at the increased gang activity Look at the different protesters around the country, a lot of them think that if you have it you should give it to them and they are willing to take it by force if necessary and I think it is going to get worse as time goes by. Look at how fast things deteriorated last year in some cities.


Can you defend your family? Are you prepared to? If not your fate and your families will be in their hands. This is for real you have to be able to defend your home. Do not be completely left at their mercy, think of your kids if nothing else. If someone is breaking into your home it will be all over by the time the police show-up, law enforcement agencies are already stretched so thin. With budget cuts, and defunding the Police in some areas there are not as many officers as will be needed, you can not depend on the police they will not get there in time all the more so if you live in a rural area.


If you don’t have a gun get one and learn how to shoot it.  Store up ammo for it or better yet learn to reload your own ammo and store up the supplies to do that. Get it now while it is still legal and accessible. Congress is working very hard to restrict gun ownership. And every time there is a shooting they start pushing even harder. I know in some states it is already hard to get and own a gun. But try, do the classes and what needs to be done to get one. Because it is only going to get harder as time goes by.

A Shotgun is the best for home defense but you should also have a rifle that you can use for hunting and a pistol in your vehicle ( check your state laws). It probably wouldn’t hurt to take a conceal carry class and get a permit., You do need to use extreme care when keeping a gun in your home. Keep the safety on at all times. Keep it loaded, but do not keep a round chambered so if the trigger is accidentally pulled it will be ok. I am changing this, when I wrote this I went back and forth on this for almost an hour, I know a lot of people recommend doing this. After I posted this I received this comment. ( thanks, NRP)

“Keep the safety on at all times. Keep it loaded, but do not keep a round chambered so if the trigger is accidentally pulled it will be ok.” Ok, I’m probably going to get yelled at, but I disagree with you on this. I also have a HUGE background with firearms, my Father gave me my first 22/410 over-under at the age of 6, and was hunting with him within a week. I do carry ALWAYS (where legal), and have a CC in several states, and shoot competition in a few classifications. I disagree with the ‘do not keep a round in the chamber’, sorry, First of all, a trigger is never never pulled “accidentally”, AND if something catches the trigger such as a branch or ??? the safety should always be on, second 95+% of all holsters and scabbards cover the trigger, so again no accidentally firing. Next, in an assault situation the “recognize/pull/fire” distance is 21 feet if someone is coming at you, more likely 30-40 feet. IF someone is coming at you there is a 99% chance you will not have time to also ‘cock’ or chamber a round before you’re overtaken. Yes some people may be able to, most wont. Ok, with that said I whole heartedly agree 1000% know how to protect one’s self, but one had better face the fact of what MAY happen, if you can’t shoot to defend yourself, than DO NOT get the means for someone else you shoot you.


We keep ours loaded and in the chamber, so I am putting both options out there you will have to make your own decision as to what you do. 


If you have children, do not hide it from them and never tell them about it!! It is much wiser to show it to your children and explain to them the dangers of handling a gun on a regular basis. Let them become used to seeing it, but teach them to respect it. If you have small children, keep it out of their reach. But don’t make it a forbidden fruit. Teach them early on how to use a gun and when they are old enough enroll them in a hunter safety class.


My kids learned how to handle guns at a very young age just as I did. They know how to use them and are not afraid of them. They have hunted since they were old enough and have done a lot of target practice with us and their friends. When one of Joleen’s friends asked her to prom he had two targets set up one with yes and one with no for her to shoot for the answer. All of our kids were given a gun for graduation. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that when they are living by themselves they have some form of protection and know how to use it.


Not only is a gun good for protection it can also be used to hunt wild game with. Know how to dress out your game before you have to hunt so you can utilize all the meat and not waste it.


I know as far as home defense goes there are other things you can do to protect yourself get a dog, good locks on the doors and window and use them. Maybe have an alarm that goes off if someone is on your property or trying to break into your home. Use these in addition to a gun not instead of.


I do not know what is going to happen down the road I do think things are going to get worse all the signs point that way. There are a lot of things that we still need to do, but we are working towards those things. Having guns and ammo is just as important as food storage.


Are you prepared to defend yourself and your family from those who would do you harm? Can you shoot a deer or other animal and clean it if you had to? Now is the time to get ready while you still have a little time left.

Don’t be caught unprepared.

One Reply to “What is a Deep Pantry, Why You Need One and How to Start PT 8 ” Self Defense””

  1. NRP & Blue

    Well, talk about a sensitive subject for sure….

    So, here are a couple of things from this Grumpy Old Fart
    1. Get Training, I don’t mean just going out the too field and shooting a target a few times and calling it good. Get professional training. I am very adamant about this. And I don’t mean the Concealed Carry Training, yes they will do you some good and allow you to carry Concealed, but they are NOT there to teach you how to handle and shoot any firearm OR teach you the law when it comes to a Shooting.
    2. Learn and practice the “rules of 4” with firearms, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, find out and, get some training.
    3. You had better really think hard and do some soul searching about the need of if/when you will shoot and maybe take someone’s life if needed. YES sure as heck if someone is trying to kill you or worse to your Family….
    4. You had better know dang well what would be considered a “legal shooting”, I don’t give a dang the circumstance, if the Perp is leaving and heading out the door, or even not a “true threat” with a “weapon” you sure as heck better not shoot them in the back. You may be the one charged. Learn the Laws. And yes most states have the “Castle Law” learn it and understand the consequences.
    5. Ok, one more time, if you own a firearm and Carry, Please get some professional Training.
    6. As far as defending yourself, IF you have time (meaning the perp is not already beating on you or has shot you) and someone is visibly and physically threating you, your Family, or anyone else, Do you just pull the trigger? You had better make dang sure you know what you’re doing, Again Training.

    As far as the firearm itself; get one that fits you, one that when you pick it up it feels good and comfortable in your hand, and if a Long Gun, it fits to your Shoulder as well.
    PS: don’t buy a cannon (44-MAG type) if you cannot even pick it up.

    Do not buy something that some salesperson says “this is what you need” or that “this is the most popular firearm”. I often suggest that someone that is interested, go to a local Gun Range, talk to people, tell them you’re looking to get a firearm. 99% of the time they will respond well, most of the time if you ask, they will let you shoot what they have. Thank them profusely, Ammo is very expensive and they have taken the time to help you. Remember they are not there to teach you, but to let you feel and handle (UNLOADED) their stuff. Respect them and you’ll be amazed how much they will help.

    Also go to a Gun Shop (actually go to several), DO NOT BUY the first time there. Ask them to show you their stuff, Again, see what “fits” your hand and how it works for you. Take some notes, write down the make and model, than leave, think about it for a few days, Firearms are NOT cheap, you’re make a heck of an investment. Don’t be surprised if that little hunk of plastic and metal will set you back a $K, and that’s without ammo or other necessities.

    So, now that you got that deadly weapon, and a little ammo: you’re going to want to go Boom Boom with it, of course you are. Find a friend (that knows firearms) and go to someplace you can squeeze off a few rounds, you did get Earmuffs right? How about shooting Glasses?

    Here is the very first thing I do when someone asks….
    We have a 15-20 minute discussion on Safety and how the firearm works (I’m NOT an instructor, so this is what I do) BTW, part of that discussion is as follows; “do NOT point that thing at me or anyone EVER, If you do I will take it from you, take it apart and toss it into the sand if it’s not loaded, IF it is loaded, I will do to same and toss into the river and leave you there to walk back, we will NEVER talk again”.
    Honestly that’s a little harsh, but I’m friggen serious about safety, PEROID!!!!

    We go to where we are going to shoot, we have another discussion, I have them “Dry Fire” and work the firearm a few times, and then let them load (1) one round. I stand directly behind them and keep at ready for “mistakes” because 99.99% of the time they turn and look behind themselves to rejoice they actually hit the ground…… Than we have a little fun after that is done, and shoot a LOT of holes in paper…
    BTW, yes it’s fun as all get out, I see a “Fun Friday” coming up hehehe

    Ok, Ok, this is a LOT longer than I wanted, but I do believe everyone that can legally own a firearm, should own a firearm AND get some Training!!!!!

    Finally; Yes you had better learn how to protect yourself.
    That Thunderstorm is building a LOT bigger everyday.