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Guest article, by ‘NRP’…
Friday’s Fun Article 3/12/2021

Yeppers it’s Friday again, Not sure why, but it’s been a GREAT week.
So, what are we going to do today Ole Blue that’s NOT work, and “Fun”?
Well I can’t really use that one this week. Why you ask?

Well it’s starting to warm up nicely and I’m getting Spring/Garden fever BIG TIME!
So time to start the turning and working of the soil.
Also tending the “Starts” I already have going inside, they are looking goooooddddd for 3-4 year old seeds I got about an 80% or better germination rate, so feeling good about that for sure.
BTW, I hear seeds are going to be a little hard to get again this year, get em now.
AND I decided to expand the Garden some, so there goes that nice relaxing weekend….. UGHHHH
So this Friday and the weekend, I’m doing one of my favorite Hobbies, Gardening!!!

How about all of you out there, what do you have planed???

Come on Blue, get up and let’s go you lazy (and modist) Mutt!!!