“Let’s Make a Plan”

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“Let’s Make a Plan”
Guest Article by NRP & Blue, March 15, 2021.
Part Four of Four

Good morning:

Final part of my 2 cents worth, so to say.

Hopefully, you’re doing your part to “Prepare/Plan” for the coming days/weeks/months.

Depending on whom you talk with you will get “Ohhhh no worries mate, everything is going to be fine, no need to ‘Make a Plan’ for problems” all the way to “OMG the sky is falling”.

Personally, I doubt if either is correct. BUT there is that old saying out there that goes something like “Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst, and Expect Nothing” or something like that anyways.

Over the past three weeks I have given all sorts of suggestions:

And have suggested you start to think on what it will take for you and your families to weather the storm so to speak.

Take a look around you, are you feeling a little uncomfortable about this COVID-19 stuff, how about the Economy, and does the new “Open Borders” seem to bother you in any way? How about fuel being up 25% in the past 5 weeks? Read the Farm Reports of Food Productions last year….

NOPE, I’m not going to list the thousands of things going on now-a-days.

But maybe you should take notice and maybe, just maybe, think about the direction we are headed.


So how are you going to build your Plan?
You have a bunch of stuff scribbled down, right?


Now the hard part, figuring out whom exactly are you going to “support” if/when the system really does come crashing down…. Again remember last year when the stores were practically empty? Are you going to have that extended family come home from all over the country knocking on your door?
Have you talked to your Spouse and Family about What/If? Do they think your NUTS!!!!


Ok, here is something to think on really hard….
“OPSEC”, What the heck is OPSEC you ask? Tis “Operational Security” basically meaning “keep your mouth shut”. Do NOT go blabbing to your neighbors and friends about your Deep Pantry. For I guarantee you, if the SHTF for real, they will remember you have a Deep Pantry. AND if they get hungry enough and times really do get bad enough, they WILL try to take your “Stuff”.
A question, If your family was starving, what would you do to feed them?


Also, what about that Knowledge you’re going to need to cook without that fancy $5000.oo stove and oven you have? How about medical, sanitation, shelter….. Yes it’s a heck of a list to know, you had better figure it out dang quickly if you’re truly serious about keeping yourself and family safe. OR are you going to depend on someone else to “take care of you”?

In conclusion….

You had best do some hard thinking about what you believe is going to happen in the next week/month/so-on, I’m not here to tell you what to do, that’s up to you, I do know darn well there will be thousands/millions standing in bread lines with their hands out if TSHTF, seriously do you really want to be in that line?

Bad things have happened in this Country/World before and they WILL happen again, History does repeat itself, Please be ready for as much as you can with what you have.

Being Prepared and having the Knowledge to Survive is not wasted time and effort….. Take a darn good hard look at yourself, and your Family….

“Think About It’ and get it done.

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