What is a Deep Pantry, Why You Need One and How to Start PT 9 “First Aid”

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Part of being prepared is having first Aid supplies in case of a medical emergency and you are unable to get medical help. I have compiled a list, I have researched this and hope I have all of what would be needed. I also plan on using herbs ( that I grow and gather myself )essential oils, and natural remedies. I have taken a few courses and have several herbal books on hand. 

Everyone should take a basic first aid and CPR class.
Here is a list of what you should have on hand.


Vitamin C
hydrogen peroxide
Activated charcoal
Betadine ( you can get this at farm and ranch store in the vet care section)
Band-Aids of all sizes including butterfly
Gauze- pads and rolls
Medical tape
Epie pin
Thermometer & fresh batteries ( if you can find an old-timey thermometer that doesn’t require batteries all the better)
Antibiotics (if you can get these from your doc or look into fish antibiotics ) for each person; a
week’s worth; preferably not liquid form as it doesn’t last as long.
Hot water bottles (x2)
Anti-nausea drugs
Plastic Inflatable splints for arms and legs
Benadryl (Liquid and pills) This is a must for people with any type of allergy.
Sleeping pills
Fever-reducing medications such as Ibuprofen or acetaminophen
Triple Antibiotic Cream
Antihistamine ointment/Calamine
Insect repellent
Snakebite kit
Tourniquet kit
Aluminum finger splints
Antiseptic towelettes
Ace bandage
Instant cold packs
Cotton balls
Disposable synthetic gloves

Bulb syringe for flushing out wounds
Hand sanitizer
Blood pressure cuff
Needle and thread
Saline eyewash
Clotting sponge
Ipecac- induces vomiting
Anti-diarrhea meds
Cough drops / Cough syrup
Disposable Gloves
Razor blades
Medicine cup or spoon
Superglue (when minor stitches are needed, but you can’t get them)
Safety pins
Burn care kit
Triangular bandages
Dental filling repair kit
Colloidal silver
Any prescription meds you currently take
Children’s/baby Tylenol and Motrin
Sugar ( they used sugar during the civil war on wounds to stop infections)
IV and fluids (not sure where to get these?)

Nebulizer and Albuterol, Albuterol is a prescription if you can get your health care provider to write you a prescription for it get them filled. If you don’t have a nebulizer look for a used one on the internet. People are selling them all the time.


Here is a list of recommended books that would be handy to have on hand.

The survival Medicine handbook by J. Alton M.D. and A. Alton A.R.N.P. (This book has a wealth of information) This is my first choice.
Where There Is No Doctor
Where There Is No Dentist
The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook
Ship’s Medicine Chest and First Aid at Sea
US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
The Physicians Desk Reference
The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy


In all your vehicles, you should have a small first aid kit in addition to a cell phone.
Cell phones need to have enough battery power to turn on, but they don’t need a contract with a service to call 9-1-1. Federal law mandates that cell phones must be able to reach 9-1-1 anytime the number is called, regardless of the service agreement. Take that old cell phone you don’t use anymore and put it in your first aid kit for emergencies ( make sure to have a charger with it). If you don’t have one, there are programs to unite old, unused cell phones with people who need them for emergencies.

I think it is wise to be prepared for anything if you are unable to reach medical help. If we ever have an economic collapse or a natural disaster you will be glad to have these things. And being able to take care of your self or someone else is super important if no other help is available.

As I mentioned above I incorporate as many herbs and essential oils as I can.

If you can think of anything else I would love to hear what they are.

2 Replies to “What is a Deep Pantry, Why You Need One and How to Start PT 9 “First Aid””

  1. NRP & Blue

    If I may suggest:

    Have these and any other First-Aid ‘stuff’ you think prudent somewhere that the Hurricane that’s coming through won’t destroy if you decide to ‘Weather It Out’ so to say.

    Seriously it will do Zero Good if you had all the First-Aid stuff in the world if you can’t find it because it want ‘That-A-Way –>’ with the Kitchen Table.

    Personally I believe it should be no different than a BOB (Bug Out Bag), something you can grab instantly if a Forest Fire is raging your direction and you need to move NOW!!!!!!

    Now I know most won’t put the Essential Oils or Herbs in the “Kit” that’s fine, but make darn sure you have the “Life Saving Stuff” in there.

    Second thought, Make dang sure you let everyone included in your Group where and what’s in that Kit.

    It will, again, do little good if the Operator of the Kid is the only one that knows where and what’s in that puppy AND how to use it.
    Think for a second, What/If you’re the one with the Broken Arm and need assistance… Will someone else even know how to use or even know where that Kit is?

    How about the other stuff? Medicines that ya take every day, or someone else? If your laid up and taking care of a 3 person, will someone know how and when to give the Meds?

    Just some things to think on……
    Good Article Connie….. Please keep em coming

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