What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Phase III “Lights Out”

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, April 05, 2021.

Ever wonder what you would do WITHOUT Electricity?



An EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) Is basically a Nuclear Detonation (Bomb) in the atmosphere between 30 and 300 miles above the ground.

An explosion of a Nuclear Device in the atmosphere is not going to level cities or kill everyone from Radiation. It WILL though do a lot of very nasty things to Electronics, the Grid (Power Grid), and more than likely affect 100% of the people in the Country (Speaking as if the EMP was detonated above the US).

There are some (a LOT) of reports that have hit the Congressional and .gov desks over the years. One I would suggest you read is one from Dr. Peter Vincent Pry.

I will also recommend you read the following Article (https://michaelmabee.info/emp-ignorance-is-bliss-dr-peter-vincent-pry/) It will go into greater detail that I’m going to in this article, no need for me to retype this. Seriously, go read it.

An EMP, honestly, would be one of the greatest devastations to this Country and the world.
There are dozens of Countries out there that literally HATE the US and have EMP technology; do you think that someday they will not use this on the US?

There are estimates that the Country would go back to the 1800’s way of life. I don’t know about you, but I doubt if 95% of the people in the country would know how to live like that. Hence the estimates (from the .gov and others) the death toll from an EMP strike would be between 90% and 95% in the first year. Frightening isn’t it?

There are two very well written Novels out there that I would recommend you read, “Lights Out” by David Crawford, the second, “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen. Yes they are Fiction, and yes they have the Hero and all that stuff, BUT they have a lot of good sensible stuff in them. AND a fun read.

One last thing on an EMP, the US Gov. has listed the likelihood from “Possible” to “Probable” in the past year, that my friends is very VERY serious, why do you hear of all the “Hardening” of resources?

On a personal note, this is the one (an EMP) that scares the crap out of me the most, and what I prepare and train for the most.


Ok old man, what is a CME?

As per Wikipedia
A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the solar corona. They often follow solar flares and are normally present during a solar prominence eruption.

“So” you ask?
Well a CME is almost identical to the EMP above; except this is a naturally occurring event we have absolutely zero control over.
It also can last from 15 minutes to many days or weeks, whereas an EMP is about 5 nanoseconds, meaning the entire world would be decimated in the same way an EMP would do.
Again there is a lot of info out on the net, go look it up, BUT I will tell you, yes this has happened before and WILL happen again in modern times.

Take a look at the “Northern Lights” that light up the Sky’s around the North and South Polls, those are particles that are coming from the Sun, it happens all the time, a CME is just a bigger ‘chunk’ of stuff hitting the Earth.




Well I should probably toss this in the mix, A Nuclear Explosion in a City or 10 sure would cause a few problems, right?
There would be a HUGE loss of life in the initial attack, and the retaliation from the US, than back and forth a few times would not be the makings of a good day.

Basically the entire world would probably die off, and I don’t care how much Preparing one does, I would have little faith there would be anything left.

Why did I mention this? Well as part of living the Lifestyle or Preparing if you should be making darn sure we have the “right people” with their finger on the “Button” and the diplomatic ability to NOT get us into an all-out Nuke War. Honestly I’m not so sure on that right about now.

Cyber Attacks:

Cyber Attacks on our Power Grid are a continuous thing: Literally by the thousands a day.
Look at the number of Cyber Attacks on Companies and on Personal Computers.

How many of you have had your Information Hacked? Bank Accounts, CC’s, Social Security, heck even the Stimulus “Checks” are being hacked by the thousands.

If a Country, ohhhhh lets say Russia, wanted to shut down the US, what a better way to do that huh? Just hack into the Grid and shut it down.

Think it can’t happen??? Ask Ukraine about when the Russians did that exact thing in 2015.
AND why has there been so much work done here in the US to “Harden the Grid” if there was no threat?

Cyber Attacks are a very serious and real thing people. Again, they are happening thousands of times each day, do a little research on your own, it should take about 5 seconds to convince yourself it’s real.


Do you really think that “Lights Out” or the Power Grid going down can NOT happen?

There is information out there that it may take from 1 year to 5 years to get the Grid back up if we have a MAJOR Grid Down Event (EMP). Of course, that is if there are enough people to work on it.

If/When the Grid goes down, what are you going to do?
Do you have the “Stuff” to make it a week or 52 (year)?
What would you do if you had to live like it’s the 1800’s again?
Do you have the Training to take care of your family, feed them, care for them, provide security, water, food, shelter, and So-On?

I have one more week of this “What/If” things I want to add. Afterwards I’m going to get with Connie and start a series on how the (since everyone hates the word “Prepare”) let’s just say “Get Ready” for some hard times that MAY come. BTW, get reading Conies Challenges, they are a GREAT start.

My hope is that if I can reach even one person/family out there and show them a few things that may help them ‘Survive’ some of the hardships coming, that it’s worth the effort.