What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Phase IV

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Phase IV
Guest Article by NRP & Blue, April ??, 2021.

Are “People” a concern within our/your Preparedness?


Good People:

Let me start out with this, because I do NOT want anyone to get the wrong ideas.


I truly believe that in my heart, and I want to make darn sure you realize that almost everyone you know will be a good person most of the time.
I am NOT writing this Article to make you believe that the entire Human Race is out to get you, let’s be perfectly clear on that right up front.

I know of a LOT of people that will literally give you the shirt off their backs to help and provide for someone/anyone, a friend, a co-worker in dire need. I will bet you a stick of gum that you also know hundreds that would do the same.

PLUS, there are hundreds of ‘Help’ programs that “People” work with to help and are of GREAT need in this Country AND World.

I know also that many MANY of People donate their time and goods to Churches, Food Banks, Shelters, heck, look at the Volunteer Fire Departments, First Responders, Rescue Squads/Searchers and I’m betting thousands of other programs that are unknown to many but are essential to us all.

I will guarantee you that “MOST” People just want to be left alone to live their lives, raise their families, and just all-out be happy.

At this point, I’m going to do a Plug for our Law Enforcement and Military Agencies. They get a BAD RAP every time you turn on the News. These people put their lives and EVERYTHING they do on the line for us. Yes, there are a few, VERY FEW that step over the line at times…… Look what scum and crap they put up with every day, than you tell me they don’t deserve our respect.


The photo above is somewhere around one million people.

I want to ask a question;, How many of those people in that photo are prepared for some of the “stuff” I talked about in previous articles?

Now let’s move to the population of the World; Approx. 7.8 Billion People currently, an estimated 9.9 Billion by 2050 (~30 years from now).
In the United States you ask? 331 Million Currently, the third most populated country in the world.

So what’s my point?
How many of those 331 million have a week’s worth of supplies and knowledge for a Month’s of hardship?
Most will say 3% MAYBE 5%, what happens when those other 314,450,000 (95%) people have nothing and TSHTF? Or even a very small catastrophe like, ohhhhh let’s say Texas Freezes for a week with no power?

Can’t happen you say? You Sure?

Bad People:

Anyone know who this Person is?
Adolf Hitler. Think he started out being a “Bad Person”? Do you think he wanted his Family Name to be associated with what it is?

There are thousands of “Bad People” that one could think of, no need for me to list them, you know of them, and a LOT of them live right here, right now, in this time in history.

My point; Bad people do Bad things to the world; they are full of greed, corruption and hate for the most part.
They do NOT care about who or what they destroy or literally who they kill/murder to gain the power they lust for. Heard of the Genocides going on right now in many Countries?
How many senseless Wars have been fought and millions died so a handful of People can gain their Power?

How about when someone murders another person for their Nike Tennis Shoes or set homes on fire and watch from a distance? Evil people are out there my friends.
Look at the murders every day in places like Chicago, Baltimore, NYC.

The ‘new’ weapons of war now are not Guns and Bombs, they are Food and Money (and yes the old weapons are still there and used every day).
Look at what’s going on now, Socialism and Communism are entering our Country and Government at a surprising rate. We have openly admitted People in Congress and other places in Government that want to totally convert to OUR COUNTRY to Socialism and “Fundamentally Change America” (Remember who said that?) they are succeeding.

In the past few months/years out Rights have/are being taken away, slowly and surely. Count on it, they are coming for everything we once stood for, The Constitution, ALL of the Bill of Rights, and the Amendments, think not? Than how was it they ‘Silenced’ President Trump from social media? The First Amendment going, going, gone. How did they literally shut/lock down the country, destroy the Economy, make us prisoners in our own homes, and ruin millions of livelihoods with this Covid Scare/Panic that magically is seeming to go away….. Interesting huh?

In the last months/year how many Trillions of dollars have been allocated (of OUR money) for “Covid Relief” or the new one called “Infrastructure” (less than 50% actually for infrastructure BTW), and what percent actually went for Covid Relief? Look it up, you’ll be MAD as Hell.
Makes you wonder where all the rest of the Stimulus money is going, and whose pockets are filled here in the US.

Our current National Debt is over $30 Trillion, that’s right $30,000,000,000,000.oo that’s right at $224,455.oo PER Tax Payer… YOU AND ME; you got that kind of change sitting around? Will your Children and Grandchildren EVER be able to pay that back, OR will “they” keep printing money, ‘FAKE MONEY’? till your Dollar is worth less that Toilet Paper like in Venezuela.

Don’t know about you, but I’m happy as heck when I get to have only one of those $100 bills, all alone 30-TRILLION!!!!
Ohhhh BTW, here is what only ONE of those Trillions of Dollars looks like in $100 bills.


Ok, so much for those currently in “power” looking out for our future huh?
Do you really thing that Politicians are looking out for you? Yes some are good people, but the majority ARE NOT!!!!!!
Wait till Inflation kicks us ALL into the dirt; remember Gas just went up a buck (30%) in less than 50 days. Do you seriously think that’s the end of it?
Anyone here think this all was not a purely political move by TPTB (The Powers To Be)?

How about something else to think on?

Riots and Mob Mentality:

Remember these are going on STILL in places like Portland and Seattle AND all over the Country because People were ‘upset’ with ‘things’?

Yeppers, Let’s all go down and loot, burn, and destroy because we feel like; it’s “OK” to Ruin People’s lives, families and Businesses over anything/everything because we’re “Upset”.

It seems to be “Ok” to destroy as long as it’s in the name something or anti-something OR just something to do…… People and seemingly the government are ok with this. Really? They are ok with Destroying whatever they want “just Cause”…… OMG how far have we sunken in our morals, is this really our government and politicians?

So; what are you going to do when you get a mob (or even five ‘bad people’) heading your way to burn down your Business or Home, maybe destroy your Family? You sure as heck can’t fight back or you’re the one that in the wrong, you sure can’t go out and arrest thousands or seemingly even those 5 people; It will do zero good to call the police or National Guard; they are too busy protecting the Politicians in DC…… 25,000 NG and police around the Capital Building in DC (That’s more troops than we have in Afghanistan).

Kind of makes you wonder what all those politicians are afraid of don’t it? They will hide behind Fences/Walls and the NG; yet won’t allow the Cities to stop the Rioting OR stop the flow on our Southern Border with the same “Wall” they hide behind…. WOW



Ok, so we went over a few things as to what might “Get Ya”, mainly Bad People.
Now the hard part……

How do you build a Small Community that you can Trust? And I mean REALLY TRUST!!!
No one person can literally make it on their own in the world today. There are too many little “things” to do and get ready for. Life is not like it was back in the 1800 where you could go out and “live off the land”, that isn’t going to happen, so get that one out of your brain.

So again, how do you find people that are like-minded, that are living the “Lifestyle”, those that want a simpler life without the world crashing down every ten minutes? Literally, find those that can ‘Survive’ a SHTF event.

How are you going to start building what Knowledge you need?
How are you going to get those Food/Water storage systems you WILL need?
How about all the things you need every day to live a comfortable yet efficient lifestyle?
How about People that you can count on to help you rebuild your house if it gets damaged by something unforeseen?

How are you going to do all these things and maintain OPSEC? (You do know what Operational Security is, right?). You do NOT want for every Tom, Dick, and Harry (neighbors/others) out there to know you have 2 years of food stored up if they are not in the same mindset……

So; I ask you how do ‘you’ find the People you can trust. Ohhhh BTW, Family members are not always the best choice if they think you’re NUTS and know everything you have, they will remember you when TSHTF and they need your “Stuff”. Go ahead, ask me how I know……..

A question for you, If/When TSHTF and you’re without food after a week, and no help was coming for your family and knew your neighbor has years’ worth stored away, what would you do to feed your Children and Family, How far would you be willing to go to keep your Family from dying???? Think about that for a bit.


Bad things usually happen to good people because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, they do really stupid stuff, or they are just unprepared for anything from an “Oops” to an all-out SHTF.

I would greatly suggest NOT being at the front door of Walmart at 6:00AM on Black Friday, nor would I suggest you being Downtown Portland at 8:00 PM unless you want to join in on the Riots.
Use your heads People.

Basically stay away from Crowds. Stay as Gray as you can (meaning don’t be noticed and a target).
BUT don’t forget to live to its fullest, EVERYDAY!


There are a LOT of very wonderful ways to live your life, IF you know how and are willing to make some minor changes.

There are Millions/Billions of Good People around; you just need to recognize them.
There are very complicated ways to live if that’s what you choose, BUT there are simple and very satisfying ways to live, the choice is totally yours.

Personally, I prefer a Lifestyle that gets me closer to Ma-Nature and Father-Time, sorry I do NOT need to “Keep up with the Jones’s”, I could care less if they just got a new Truck and bought a Condo in NYC, I’m perfectly happy with my way of life, PS; Blue likes it here perfectly well also…….

This is the last of this series I’m going to toss out there of this type.
Hopefully, some have realized the dangers we all live in, they are many MANY for sure.

I want to now concentrate on showing how I live my Lifestyle for those that are interested; basically how to manage this “Lifestyle” I often mention. How to replace that 900 MPH life with that “Gata go take Blue for a 2-3 mile hike” as the ‘Smoker’ cooks tonight’s Beef Pot Roast and Sourdough Bread. Don’t forget the Homemade Peach Ice-cream, fresh milk from this morning and Peaches from your own tree……. YUMMMMM!!!!

PLEASE stay Safe Y’all, Life is good, act like it and enjoy.

Thank you for reading.