200 a Month Challenge

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I will be starting this up again. I will be posting once a month instead of once a week though.

I am doing 200 since I don’t have to buy meat. We raise our own meat so I don’t have to buy it. If you are going to do the challenge and have to buy meat you may want to up it to 300 a month

I will not include canning supplies, they are more of an investment and can be reused. Last time I didn’t include daycare stuff, I will be including it this time then it will make this a little more like what young families are having to do. I will also be adding in deep pantry items.

If you have young children you may want to add a little more to your amount to spend. But if money is tight you should be able to do this on 300 a month. I know diapers are crazy expensive so you can either add a little more to allow for them or switch to cloth diapers.

If I don’t use all the 200 I will put the extra back to use on sales to stock up.

So who is with me and wants to get their spending under control while also feeding your family, building, and learning how to use a deep pantry.

3 Replies to “200 a Month Challenge”

  1. NRP & Blue

    I’m with you on the Monthly Challenge for sure,
    Do I need to include Blue’s Dog Food in the $200. Hopefully not, I think he eats better than I do HAHAHA
    Obviously this is also thinking we’re NOT using the Deep Pantry Food, or if we do it’s replaced from the $200.
    I’m going to stick with the $200, have 1/2 beef coming this Fall and need to use up the Freezer Meat.
    Not so sure Blue is going to be happy with this, no more T-bone Steak Treats for him… Ahhhhh well.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      haha poor Blue, Maybe you better not include his food. Don’t want him suffering lol.

      And yes this is not using from the deep pantry and if so then replaced, now isn’t the time to be eating down our deep pantries if we don’t have to.

      Really starting to see the shortages starting. Although I don’t think we have seen anything yet compared to what is coming.

      Have a great day

  2. NRP & Blue

    Connie & ALL
    I have seen a LOT of shelving in most stores only 50% full at best.
    The Meat Dept. at Safeway looked like the Buzzards had been there.
    AND the price they are asking for beef is absolutely NUTS $6 for 80% hamburger NO WAY.
    I see gas here is over $3 now.
    It’s only the beginning of driving season… $5 soon?
    PS: not to worry about Ole Blue, he’s got his own Deep Pantry.