Just Rambling on a Bit, Again.

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, September 29, 2021.

Hello everyone, again.
Been a week or so since I did a visit, so I figured I’d give the old Deep Pantry & Doom and Gloom thing a rest for a while, taking a break for a bit and just yack about other stuff.

HAHAHA, yeah even Ole Blue is giving me the “harry eyeball” on that one LOL.

Life is good here on Lightning Point for sure:

Well, it’s Firewood season, that an official time of the year BTW, sort of like Hunting and Fishing Season, Football or Baseball, it’s cooled off around here and actually very nice to get out early and Cut/Split/Stack a good supply of firewood for the winter coming.
Luckily I know quite a few folks that have wood to haul off and I actually help them by doing a cleanup. Plus it’s already downed trees and the sort. So my job is easier, back up to their pile, cut and toss into the ole truck and head home.
BTW, yes I heat with Wood 95% of the time, two wood stoves provides plenty of heat and exercise. And to be honest, there is nada nicer than a nice fire to warm not only the body, but also the Soul.

Anyways, it’s also Garden Harvest season for sure, been canning and dehydrating all kinds of stuff, the Freezer is maxed out till I see how much room is left after the Beef shows up in December. So for now it’s canning like a Crazy old fart HAHAHA
And just try to find Canning Lids now-a-days, good luck. Although Jars are easy to find, so maybe this time next year things will get back to normal….. HAHAHAHA Sure they will Snicker Snicker.

So Winter is on the way soon. The Old Farmers Almanac is saying a “Hard Cold Winter” I sure hope not, it’s going to be bad enough with the way things are, and to smack us with a Bad Winter….. Ohhhh Boy. But I will admit I have been watching the Animals, especially the Ants, they are building higher than normal Ant Hills, and the Deer seem to be moving earlier, but we shall see I guess.

Still need to get a few things done around the Old Homestead before the weather hits but things are coming together just fine. Would like to get a few more loads of wood in, and maybe drop a few more loads of Rock on the Driveway, but ahhhhh maybe next year, no hurry for sure.

I see another Hurricane is heading this way, and the fires out west are starting to slow down some, so who knows what’s going to happen. I just think we all need to just settle down a bit and try to figure out how to just keep going in a sensible way. Seems too many people out there are wanting to take on the world and in truth just need to clean up their own backyards first, but that none of my business for sure, I have a hard enough time doing my own stuff HAHAHAHA.

Well folks I see Ole Blue is ready for dinner I see, so I’m going to skedaddle along and find us some grub. Maybe plan on a trip to town this coming week just to see how the other folks are handling “Stuff” and grab another load of Firewood and maybe some Sunflower Seeds for the Birds.

Like I said, “Life is good here on Lightning Point”

Ya’ll do me a favor will ya?
Let Connie know that you appreciate her work on this BLOG and give her a shout.
She has a LOT of very good Info and Ideas to follow, and honestly, it’s a lot of work keeping up on these things.

You all keep your eyes open for those Rainbows you here?

2 Replies to “Just Rambling on a Bit, Again.”

  1. Kellie

    And … Thank you Connie for all the helpful info here, all your hard work!

    Your site helped me and our family to start getting a deep pantry over some time. Not finished, probably never finished, but better than it was! Thank you!