The Time We Have.

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, October 18, 2021.

Life is good here on Lightning Point.
I have been thinking on something that I would like to share with you all.

Have you ever heard someone say “Oh My God, where did the time go”?

“Frugal Living On The Ranch” has so much to do with preparing Skills and Material “Stuff”, being ‘Frugal’ with money and our resources, that I do believe we at times forget about the “Time” aspect of our lives.

Does it now seem like just yesterday that we were young and seemingly carefree?
It seems like only a few seconds ago we were courting with stars in our eyes and the dreams life is made of.
How about even now, does there seem to be enough time in the day to do the things we need/want?
Is time one of those things that seems to be a LOT of, than in an instant it’s flashing bye before our eyes?

I often wonder how much time I have wasted waiting around for something to happen, and thinking nothing ever is.
How about you? Do you often just sit there daydreaming and waiting?

So, let me ask, how full is that “To Do List” you have going?
I’m not so sure about you, but OMG, the things it takes to just survive today’s world of running around. I mean, seriously the list is hundreds of items full just to maintain a home, add those Kids, the Spouse, and maybe keeping the Farm (or even a yard) going. How about the time spent in the Garden, the School with kids, even the Dog takes a LOT of time also.

So, let me ask ya, how do you manage your time, do you have a Calendar? How about a Day-Planer? 100 Sticky Notes stuck to a wall somewhere? OR do you try to keep everything on the old Brain? And forget 1/2 the stuff?

How many people do you know that are simply running like there is no tomorrow? They are totally exhausted all the time and act like there is no rest?

BTW, don’t think by any means that just living by one’s self makes it easier or harder. There is without a doubt hundreds of things to do every day……
Now try to make time for the “Fun Stuff”, can ya say Camping or a weekend on the Lake?

Ok, so where DID all that Time go?
I truly wish I had the answer.
Just yesterday (as far as memory works) I was living at home starting to go to elementary school, Mom and Dad were making a good life for the Family and it seemed life was soooo VERY happy.
3 seconds later High school Graduation and thinking on College or maybe a Career in Construction.
BAMMMM; Marriage and buying a home, settling down maybe with a family of your own.
Opps, off to a different State (California got CRAZIER), a new career, new home, and a new lifestyle.
Than life did some nasty things to you and every dream goes in the toilet. Family is no longer around and you’re alone with the Dog. Retirement that was supposed to be this all wonderful thing is now a day by day struggle……..
One day you wake up and ask………. “What the &^$% happened to all that Time”?

Have you ever thought about all that “Stuff” you have accumulated over the years?
Have you gotten so much “Stuff” trying to buy happiness that you have forgotten what life is really about?

So after a little pause in writing this, I’m back, trying to figure out what it is I’m trying to say HAHAHA
Ohhh, got it, Of all the things that you have, that Boat on the Lake, the $200,000 Truck, how about all those Toys in the Garage….
What is the thing that’s really most valuable to you?
What is it you can give someone that is more valuable than anything you can buy or own?????

Your ‘Time’.

For time is something that can never EVER be replaced or purchased.
When you give your time to someone that is the most wonderful gift you can ever give.
For that ‘Time’ is the only thing we really have.

Something to remember my friends…..
I for one know that not all of life is “Fun”, Games or Enjoyable.
God knows there is a lot of pain and suffering in this world.
With that said, what you do with your Time is completely up to you, how you live your life, how you choose to share your Life and your Time.
There are a lot of reasons to morn in this world, and a lot of reasons to enjoy your life.


Before your time is up, learn how you manage your time.
Learn how to use your time for the best things in life.
Learn how to be ‘Frugal’ with the time you have and share what you have and can with others.
Share the good memories and the emotions. Put the “Bad” stuff away, there is no good to come from being miserable.

Please remember folks. Life is good, and what you make of it.
Make it a Good Life.