Inflation, Phase Two. Is a Collapse Coming?

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, November 30, 2021.

Hello Again Everyone.
Life is good here on Lightning Point for sure.


What is the “Value” of that ever shrinking ‘Dollar’ you have in your pocket?
Is it the same as it was a week ago, a month ago, how about last year?

So I ask you this, “How do you rate the ‘Value’ of your dollar?

To me it simply means how much I can get for the dollar I have in my hand.
Basically, can I buy two apples or three with the same Dollar?
If I can now only buy 2 apples whereas last week I could buy 3 then that to me is Inflation.
My ‘Dollar’ is shrinking in valve, correct?
Remember I’m a Simple Man that tries to think simply.

I want to show you a few interesting Charts, that to me, tell me exactly what I think is going on with my ‘Dollar’ I have in my pocket.

A simple Gold Chart for the past ten years.
In 2011 one could buy an Ounce of Gold for around $2,000, this past year it would cost you around $4,500 for that same Ounce.
Is that Gold really worth more? Or is it that the Dollar is worth less?


The Dow Jones; again has the actual ‘Value’ of those Stocks gone up, or are people willing to pay more for the same thing?

The Cyber Currency, “Bitcoin”.
In 2011 a single ‘Bitcoin’ would cost you $0.30, yes I said that correctly, Thirty Cents.
Want to guess what the price went to? Go on guess…..
$68,521 on Nov. 5, 2021
Really????? Over $68 THOUSAND bucks for something that is backed with absolutely nothing but Ones & Zeros, Crypto Currency.

I have a question, what are the prices of everything else doing when the 3 major indicators are going sky high?

Are they really worth more? Or is your Dollar worth much MUCH less?

So, let’s talk about that for a second, hence the reason for the Article.

Let’s hit a few items that we all probably use;
Gas Price, Up to $3.60 here, that’s up $1.51 in 11 months.
Propane, Up to $2.70, that’s up $1.10 in 18 months.

Food, OMG where do I start?
Bacon, who does not like Bacon? $6.00 a pound, up $2.00 a pound in 6 months.
Jalapeno Peppers, up 50% in 3 weeks.
Cream Cheese up 1 buck in 5 months.
Can ya tell I like Jalapeno Poppers??? HAHAHA
Beef up 20+% in 11 months.

Shall I go on? You go shopping, you see the prices.
How about the prices of a Home/Housing? Up 23%.
Been to the Vet lately? Last annual ‘inspection’ for Ole Blue; up 30% for the SAME visit.
Oil Change for the Truck, up to $177, from $134 last time.

My Point you ask?
The cost of EVERYTHING is going crazy.
So, how are you wages doing? Going up the same amount?

How are you going to “Make-It” with what’s going on?

Well, I can tell you one thing for sure, you had best start planning for what’s coming.
Do you really think this is going to stop soon?
The Food Industry is predicting a full 20% (MORE) increase next year in food cost, wholesale.
JIT Inventory is being hit HARD with cost increases, Trucking is costing WAY more, Supply Shortages are driving up cost. And yes that one gallon of Gas is to go up to $5.00+ minimum OUCH!!!!!!

Tired of my Rant yet?

So here is what I’m doing for sure, I’m getting my Deep Pantry completed, for I feel there is going to be HUGE problems in the near future.
And no, I’m not talking Doom and Gloom Apocalypse here (not leaving that out though), but why would I not buy an extra sack of Flour for the Deep Pantry that I know I will use and not pay 20-30% more next year?

How about living a heck of a LOT more Frugal as Connie is trying to show you all?
How about figuring out that “Eating Out” all the time cost a heck of a lot more than cooking yourself?
Buying in Bulk and finding ways to store 1/2 a Beef will save you an incredible lot of Inflation Money in the long run.
How about saving a little back when you can, and NOT ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s. Make the things you have last longer and cutting down on the things you don’t really need.

One last thing….
Please do a little history research on the “Great Depression”.
Do you really think it could not happen again? Look at the ‘Exact’ economic situations that are happening right now as what happened during the 20s/30s. History DOES repeat itself.
Look at the Inflation just before the Depression; it is mirroring almost exactly what we have now.

I will leave you with these haunting 3 photos to think about.
You and your Family do NOT want to be there.