Peace of Mind

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, December 22, 2021.

Good Morning from Lightning Point.
Ole Blue says “Howdy”

“Peace of Mind?”

Do you have ‘Peace of Mind’ when it comes to your preparedness and “Frugal Living”?
Do you have the ‘Peace of Mind’ knowing If/When something happens, or as I say TSHTF, to provide whatever is needed to take care of your Family?
Do you have the ‘Mindset’ and “Stuff” to protect your Family if the power goes out for a week because of a very bad storm?
Can you feed and keep them warm without any ‘Outside’ help?

Or, are you like the majority of the population that will sit and wait for someone else to provide for them?
I could name hundreds of situations whereas ‘No Help’ will be forthcoming for a very long time, possibly months at best. Remember just a week or so ago what happened with the Tornado Storms that hit back east. Go out to the net and do some research and see how many are still without Power and Water, AND the Stores are simply gone, wiped out.

Do you have the ‘Peace of Mind’ that you could help those that were and ARE affected each and every day with some sort of disaster?
Can you help even your own Family in a time of Disaster?

“Life is Hard”

I will never be one that will tell you that Life is Easy, because it’s NOT!!!
There are Ten Million things in life that need to be done, another Billion that you “Wish” you could do.
Can you do “EVERYTHING”?
The honest answer is “Nope, not even close”.
So what Should/Can you do in this short time you believe you have each day?
Obviously, there are things you have to do, BUT, what about the rest of the time you ‘CAN’ make and ‘Can’ control?
Well, first of all, if you say you have “No Time” then it would seem to me that you are not managing your time correctly And/Or you are trying to do too much, trying to stuff too much into your life and you will NEVER get all those things done AND honestly, you are not going to be as happy (Actually probably be miserable), make those around you unhappy and defiantly NOT have Peace of Mind in your life.
Sorry, just the fact.

So why is Life so Hard?
Because you make it that way; how about you take a few moments, or a few weeks, to really really think about what you are doing, how about honestly think on where you want to be, both mentally and physically.

The biggest question one needs to ask is, “Am I Happy, am I making others around me Happy, do I actually have the “Peace of Mind” to see where I am headed in my life”?

If you answer “No” or can’t answer or are afraid to answer “Absolutely YES” to any of that, then maybe you really should take a very hard Hard HARD look at yourself and determine what you can/should do about it.

“Where am I headed?”

That my friend is a question only you can answer for yourself.

Living Frugal and being Prepared is NOT easy, I will guarantee you that.
I will also Guarantee you that if it is a road you choose you will NEVER regret it.
Being able to say that “You Can Handle X-Y-Z” of what life tosses at you is very VERY comforting.
Can you do “Everything” by yourself, HECK NO!!!! But being able to proudly stand up and say “Yes” I can face what Life throws at me” will truly give you “Peace of Mind”.

A new year is coming up shortly, 2022, OMG how fast time is going huh?
Maybe this is a good time for some of you/us/me to take a good hard look at ourselves and really Really REALLY dig deep and see if we truly have
“Peace of Mind” in ourselves.

Thank you for reading.
Life is good here on ‘Lightning Point’.
Ole Blue wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas and an Extremely Blissful New Year.