The Deep Pantry and Why. Second Page in the Series

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, January 20, 2022

Hi All from Lightning Point.
Ole Blue says “Good Morning”

Let’s continue with the Series with some very simple Recipes for one of the basic and most common stored items, Yeppers that’s right good old ‘Beans and Rice’.

“Beans & Rice”

Well folks this is going to be a fairly easy and short Article.
Beans and Rice obviously are a basis for many MANY Preppers and ‘Frugal’ folks Deep Pantry, mainly because they will store, if done so properly, for a very long time and are relatively cheap to buy/store.

Beans are actually a very good source of protein and most of what the body needs, but obviously, a diet of only Beans is not advised, but in a pinch, they will be good to have on hand, In the same manner, Rice is equally good with more of a starch base, but let’s face it, 2 billion Asians can’t be wrong.

Take a quick look on the net and you will find a LOT of recipes out there, but honestly, I like just good old Beans cooked in a Crock-Pot for several hours without adding anything besides water of course. Not saying that those 2 million recipes are not good, but I feel that if you’re buying and eating the right Beans then enjoy the flavor of those beans without adding a lot of stuff that hides the flavor of the Beans.
Same with Rice, I like a good flavor of the specialty Rice’s, good old Wild Rice of some of the Red’s and Black rice’s are fantastic.
Although I will admit a good Rice Pilaf is might good.


Ok, so what is the “Best” way to store Beans & Rice. Well, that’s a discussion that’s been going on for decades and decades. Personally, I store for the kitchen like the photo above, yeppers, in a good old Canning Jar. That is easy to access and ya can actually see what’s in the Jar, kinda nice for an Old Man HAHAHA

For my longer-term storage, I use good clean Food Grade buckets with Snap-On lid. I do place a stick of Wriggle’s Spearmint Gum in the bucket just because. Something about helping to keep the Bugs out, according to my Grand-Ma.

I treat Beans and Rice the same way, BTW, I have had Beans that were more than a Decade old in storage, and they cook up just fine. Sometimes takes an additional hour, but who’s in a hurry huh????

“Bulk Storage”

Ok, so how much Beans and Rice should a Family store up????
Well that’s the $1-million question, isn’t it? Personally, I would suggest following many of Connie’s suggestions here on “Frugal”.
“But, But, But”, you say —– Ok OK, I store probably 4-5 hundred pounds of miscellaneous Beans, and 2-3 hundred pounds of all sorts of Rice (Be careful, a lot of Rice’s have oils in them and would store well, do your research). But please remember, I store not only for myself but for others that I know I would like to help If/When.
Honestly I probably store way too much, but again Beans & Rice are cheap, go overboard if you can and have the room.
Please remember that If/When TSHTF, you may be on your own for a bit (LONG BIT) of time and you sure as heck don’t want your family going hungry knowing that you “Could Have” prepared.

Lastly, that plate of Beans & Rice in the first photo, just use your imagination and add a handful of stuff like a little Broccoli, or Cabbage and you’re starting on having a very good meal….
Toss in a little Sausage or Kielbasa and now Yar talking Yummmmm.

Thank you all for reading, My hope is that if maybe one person/Family will start to put a few items away for the unknown than it’s all worth the effort.

Time to take Ole Blue for a walk (or maybe Blue taking me for a walk HAHAHA) around the Homestead, you all be well.