Just Rambling on a Bit and a Pico De Gallo Recipe

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue March 3, 2022.

Good afternoon everyone
Holy Cow it’s been 5 months since I hit you with a “Just Rambling” Article.
Got a lot to talk about, so let’s get on with it.

Time for a Chat:

Let’s say we head out to the porch and have a seat in the Ole Rocking Chair and have a discussion, I’ll grab a couple of Iced Teas, go make yourself comfortable.

So what shall we yack about?
I have a few things I have off-limits here on ‘Frugal Living on the Ranch’, no politics/guns/religion/that sort of stuff.

So let’s start off on that Deep Pantry, shall we?
Where are you in the process of that Deep Pantry? Are you even thinking on one? Have you started but lost interest? Have you gone overboard in the thinking and not done a darn thing yet? Have you even started to gather a few “Skills” need to have a Deep Pantry and be able to use what you store? Do you even think you need a Deep Pantry? If not I sure would like to hear why not, Leave a comment Please.

Personally, I see a LOT of things heading down the Pike indicating the need for that Pantry. And no I’m not going to list a dozen reasons why, just really urge you to get started.

Garden Time

Ahhhhhhh yes, tis almost that time of the year my friends, time to start planning and preparing for that Garden.
Another few weeks it’s time for, me at least, to get those Seeds into the Starter Pots, and get them sprouting.
Sure I can go to Wally World or wherever and get the Plant Starts, but for me it’s a wonderful feeling to take that little seed and see it grow to full food-bearing plant to harvest in the Fall.
BTW, you may want to get your seeds early, I hear of a shortage coming, but do as you need/want.

I will admit I’m changing up my Garden somewhat this year, going to do more varieties and less volume, Since I retired I won’t be hauling massive amounts to work anymore, and I want to try a few different things.

So are you doing a Garden? Do you think it’s nonsense to plant one? Or DO you go all out and plant 2-4 acres of Garden like some I happen to know?

BTW, if you have never had a Fresh Ripe Tomato right off the vine, you’re missing out on life for sure, you eat a Homegrown Tomato, (or most any Homegrown Vegetable) you’ll NEVER buy one from a store again, even those overpriced “Organic” stuff, YUCKO —- Try It, you’ll like it for sure.


Well, I wanted to give y-all a little update on the Firewood and Heating of the Ole Homestead.
Last time I yacked a little on the Firewood Season and Heating with Wood.
Well, I can honestly say I have not turned on the Furnaces a single time this past winter, even with zero-degree weather.
I have burned right at 2.5 cords of Wood so far and see no reason to burn more than 3 cords total.
Free Heat my friends, sure I need to work to harvest the wood, and the chainsaw fuel cost me a little, but other than that, nada, nothing.
In comparison I just purchased a little Propane to top off my 500-gallon tank, the price is now $3.05 per gallon of Propane here, and going up again in 2 months. If I would not burn the Wood Stoves I would normally use right at 300 gallons of Propane for the year, do the math. Can you say $915 for the year? As it is I will use about 50-75 gallons for cooking and heating water. $152.5-$285 for the year…..
Also, I have electrical savings because of the Furnace Usage, I figure about $50 per month for 5 months, $250 savings……

A little on the World Events:

Nope, Not Good at all.
Honestly folks; what’s going on these days is scaring the CRAPO out of me. And I don’t scare easily.
Now when I say “Scaring me” I don’t mean like hiding in the closet scared, I mean worried about where we are heading on the World Stage, the Country, and even Locally. Let’s yack about a couple of things that I usually don’t like to talk about here.

The Economy and Inflation:
How much are you paying for Fuel right now? 18 months ago I was paying $2.09 for Diesel, now it’s $4.50 per gallon.
Food is skyrocketing, think not? Take a gander at the price of Beef, and the Ranchers and Farmers are getting hit with higher and higher prices on feed and fuel.
Utilities ARE going up, here in the Four Corners they are talking a ANOTHER 25% increase.
Heating aka Propane as I mentioned before has gone from $1.68 per gallon to $3.05 per gallon since Jan, 2020

Ok, how about the Covid19 thing?
More people are sick and dying of Covid19 now than in 2020 and in 2021.
Interesting you’re not hearing much about that anymore huh? Need I say more?

The World Stage, Holy Cow, where do I start?
WWIII???? I have no idea, but don’t it seem like we’re already in a War? Look at the Shortages coming, and the Hyper Inflation. I have heard of the Rationing of Fuel coming if we freeze Russia Oil, as “they” are talking about.

How about something a little closer to home.
Are you ready to shelter and feed your family if and I do mean If/When something were to happen?
There is very strong talk about Cyber Attacks and Grid Down happening. Heck, even here in the Four Corners ‘they’ are talking the “great probabilities” of “Rolling Brown Outs” of power, Ohhhh yeah, that’s just wonderful.
I wonder how many folks here in the middle of nowhere are ready for that. Probably a lot more than you think, Got Generator and Fuel?

GET PREPARED folks…… Ok enough of that stuff.


One more thing before I go.
Take a few minutes to be thankful for the Beautiful Day you are living.
While this particular ‘second’ of Life may not be that good, please remember that Life is meant to live, not squandered away miserable.

Reminds me of that wonderful saying Ole Albert Einstein said:
“Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow”.
Please find something to be happy about EVERY DAY. Smile at folks you see (makes them wonder what your up to LOLOL), Buy a ‘COP’, Fireman, EMT a cup of coffee or his Lunch without them knowing who did that (Just pay the waitress for their meal). And if you can’t afford the meal, at least thank them for what they do.
Heck, even just take a short walk and Smell The Roses as they say.

Please have Happiness and Joy in your lives folks, Live life as if there is no tomorrow, BUT plan on tomorrow and be ready for whatever may come your way.
Smile at those that give you grief, it will confuse and scare the hell out of them, and for whatever reason you have, Please be a “Good” person.
Thank you

“Life Is good here on Lighting Point”
Ole Blue says Hi-Ya-All.

OHHHHHH, I wanted to share a Pico De Gallo recipe with ya all.

Pico De Gallo:

This is a rather “Warm” mix so adjust peppers as you need.
But Myyyyyy-OH-My it sure is gooders HAHAHA

3 10-OZ Cans of Ro*Tel canned Tomatoes (See Photo below).
5 Habaneros seeded and chopped very fine.
5 Jalapenos seeded and chopped very fine.
1/2 TBLS Garlic Powder.
1/2 TBLS Onion Powder.
1 TBLS Thai Pepper Dried and ground fine, if you know how, “Scorch” the Peppers first.
1 TBLS Jalapenos Dried and ground.
5-8 Cloves of Garlic Peeled and mashed well.
(OR 3-4 cloves of Elephant Garlic Peeled and Mashed well).
1 TBLS Fine Ground Black Pepper.
A touch of salt if you want, I don’t add salt.

Toss everything in a Glass Bowl and mix well.
I like to store in a Canning Jar (takes 1 QT and 1 Pint.
Stuff them into the Fridg and let set for a couple of days.