Weekly Canning Challenge Update. And a New Dehydrating Challenge

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So I have gotten a little behind on this with everything that has been going on and trying to get everything figured out that I need to do. I will do an update on that in a few days after I get a couple more test results back.

I am starting the weekly challenge back up. I haven’t gotten anything canned in the past few weeks. Will be getting back on track with this.
I did get some ghee canned the other day though so I am going to count that even though technically it wasn’t canned ( it was put in jars haha).

I am also starting a once-a-week dehydrating challenge. It can be anything that you dehydrate from frozen vegetables to marshmallows and everything in between. I got several pounds of lemons dehydrated this last week. I also have to add that I dehydrated some peeps after Easter, they are so good. Even if you don’t like peeps there is a very good chance that you will like them dehydrated.

Have you been canning and keeping up with the challenge? Remember it doesn’t matter what you can or dehydrate it all counts.

So see you next week. Happy canning and dehydrating.

One Reply to “Weekly Canning Challenge Update. And a New Dehydrating Challenge”

  1. NRP & Blue

    Well, I’ll start off with a Challenge of finding Canning Lids and Canning Jars.
    With millions (literally millions) of new people to the World of Gardening, and putting “Food Up” Canning Jars are going to be in a HUGE demand this coming Summer and Fall.
    I would greatly suggest anyone and everyone, if you are going to need Jars and/or Lids, ya better get them soon (if you can find them for a decent price), VERY soon.
    Even us old farts that are adding a little extra to the Deep Pantry, get them when you can.
    FYI, last time to Wally World Super Store there were 3 cases of Pints, and zero Quarts on the shelf and only 4 packs of Pint Lids.
    AND the season is not even started yet, this time of the year those shelves are usually FULL!!!!
    Y’all do the math on whats coming soon to a Store near you.