Canning Frozen Orange Juice

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I read where the hurricane in Florida (continue to keep all the people affected from both hurricanes in your prayers) wiped out at least half the oranges and grapefruits, so this means that the price of orange juice is most likely going to go up. I don’t drink a whole lot of it but I do on occasion and I like to cook with it. When I canned oranges last fall I didn’t do any juice, so I have been buying the frozen and canning it. My freezer space is pretty limited so I just can it to save freezer space. It is very easy to do.

First get your OJ of choice, then let it thaw. I just use the cheap store brand.

Pour in to a large pan. Do not add any extra water, warm up and simmer for a couple minutes.

Pour into sterilized pint jars. And Water bath for 5 minutes (Be sure to adjust for Altitude I have to do mine for 20 minutes).

Be sure to write on the jar that it is a 1 to 3 (1 part oj and 3 parts water)

It will darken a little with age but still taste good. I opened one the other day from 2 years ago and was great.

2 Replies to “Canning Frozen Orange Juice”

  1. Nina

    Amazing the stuff I never even think about. This is awesome!! It’s on my next “to do” list! Thank you.

    1. Post author

      Thanks, I love having stuff I don’t have to put in the freezer since my freezer space is pretty limited.
      Have a great day