Canning Onions

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When I get onions ( I get several hundred pounds at a time). I can them in quart jars then when I open one I can keep it in the fridge to use out of until gone which in my house don’t take long as I cook a lot with onions.
 First I peel a lot of onions. 

Then I quarter them so they will fit in the food processor.

I chop them. I just love my food processor I would hate to have to do this by hand.

Then put in a big pan. And cover with water just to the top of the onions so they are covered. 

I cook these down until translucent and fork soft.
I then put into my Jars liquid and onions leaving about a ¼ inch headspace.

Put on your hot lids and rings.

Put in the pressure canner ( do not water bath) and process for 50 minutes for quarts and 45 for pints at 15 pounds of pressure ( or what your canning book says for your altitude).

After your canner has cooled take out and let cool. The onions will be a darker color that is ok. Use just like you would a chopped onion in your cooking they are a little softer but not too much ( like a cooked onion).


I use to chop them, then put in quart jars and put in the freezer but since I am trying to get away from freezers this works great.