40 Ways to use Jam/Jelly and Syrups

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I had someone the other day ask why I can all the jam/ jelly and syrups that I can when it is just Andy and I. So I thought I would do a quick post on all the ways to use those things.


  1. Flavor your hot breakfast cereals (Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Grits).

  2. Add to your homemade yogurt ( or store bought).

  3. Make flavored waters, plain or sparkling.

  4. Make flavored teas, Hot or cold

  5. Use on pancakes or french toast.

  6. Add to your kombucha to flavor it.

  7. Top cakes with it.

  8. Flavor your coffee

  9. Bake a little jam into your muffins.

  10. Add to applesauce to make flavored applesauce.

  11. Make fruit bars Go here for the recipe

  12. Top ice cream.

  13. Add to cream cheese for a spread on crackers, toast, bagels.

  14. Add to smoothies.

  15. Spread on coffee cake.

  16. Add to lemonade for flavored lemonade.

  17. Stir into a fruit salad for a glaze.

  18. Use to fill a jelly roll.

  19. Layer in a trifle with fresh fruit, pudding, and whipped cream.

  20. Thin jam with a little water and warm to make a syrup, or use syrup and poke holes in a still warm cake, pour syrup over the top to infuse the cake with flavor.

  21. Make a fresh fruit pizza on a sugar cookie crust, use a bit of jam for the sauce, add fruit and sprinkle with bits of cream cheese, bake.

  22. Fill crepes.

  23. No fresh strawberries for shortcake, use jam.

  24. Add to cream cheese for a frosting.

  25. Glaze for roasted meat.

  26. Use as a dipping sauce.

  27. Thumbprint cookies.

  28. Make sandwich cookies.

  29. Cupcake filling.

  30. Homemade pop tarts.

  31. Pour over baked apples

  32. Make flavored butter.

  33. Stuff a chicken breast or pork loin.

  34. Stir into BBQ sauce.

  35. Bake the jam right into your biscuits.

  36. Use in berry mojitos.

  37. Fold into fruit fluffs.

  38. Stir a bit into whipped topping to flavor it.

  39. And of course PB&J

  40. Can’t forget about putting it on toast.

What are some of the ways you use jams/ jellies / & syrups?