Freezing Banans

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We eat a lot of bananas I use them in bread, cake, smoothies, Ice cream, and all kinds of things. The kids love them for snacks.

Here is how I freeze them. I just peel them then put on a pan with wax paper ( so they don’t stick to the pan ) then I slice them into ½ to 1-inch slices ( I just slice them on the pan then I don’t have to move them to the pan after they are sliced.) If I have enough for more then one layer I put two sheets of wax paper in-between each layer ( I do two then that way they come off the paper easier).

I freeze them for 24 hours then take them off the pan and put into baggies. When we need some bananas you can just grab however much you need. They are so handy for a quick snack for the kids.