Zero Waste, Zero Spend, Goal for 2019

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Zero Waste, Zero Spend, Goal for 2019

One of my new year’s goals is to have a no waste and no spend year. As I mentioned before I am wanting to get debt free this next year even though my income isn’t what it use to be ( or what I would like it to be) but I figure if I really buckle down I can do this. I will start by trying to do a no spend year.


No, spend,

I am going to try to live out of my deep pantry, I will buy things when they go on sale to replenish my pantry but there will be no unnecessary spending. I will be making everything from scratch from bread to crackers to tortillas everything, no convenience buying. I am already making a gift list for Birthdays and next Christmas so I can start making all the gifts for these. I have several totes full of yarn, fabric and scrapbook stuff so I should be able to make a lot of these things without spending to much.


If I need something I will try to make it myself, do without, find second hand, or barter.


I have always said I would like to live up in the mountains with no one else around even in the winter. This gives me an opportunity to see if I would be able to do that I will try to not go to town since if I was snowed in on the mountain there wouldn’t be any going to town every weekend. If I don’t go to town I don’t spend money. One of the biggest reasons I was going to town every week was to go to the bank but I signed up for the mobile banking where I can make my deposits by taking a picture of the checks. This will cost me 2 dollars a month but if it keeps me from going to town it will more then pay for itself. So not only will I be saving by not going to town it will free up all most a whole day for other tasks, rather than spending all that time in town.


Zero waste,

Did you know that according to the EPA, the average American person will produce about 5.91 pounds of trash, with about 1.51 pounds being recycled; 4.40 pounds is the rough average daily waste per person.


Did you know our ancestors used almost everything but nowadays we throw so so much away? No one wants to upcycle and very few recycle we have become a disposable nation so much goes into the trash from food to everyday items. It is something that has really been bothering me lately just how much we are a disposable nation. We throw everything away and don’t think twice about it. ( And I am just as guilty). Instead of recycling, composting, fixing, selling or even giving to someone in need we just chuck it in the trash, Not only is it hard on the plant it is hard on the pocketbook. The wasted food, the excess packaging, the shirt you bought but didn’t like when you got home.


My goal this year is to try to have as little waste as possible and to add very little to the landfill. A few of the things I will be doing is buying in bulk when possible, buying fresh so I have no extra packaging, make do with what I have. Get my compost in better shape to use and use it for everything that I can put into it. Make sure I get the leftovers used or in the freezer before they go bad. I will use all the extra paper ( junk mail etc) to make my own paper to make cards with. I have a couple large cans set up to put aluminum in and one for tin (cans) to recycle. The aluminum and tin we will take to the salvage yard to make a few extra dollars. I need to get a small one for glass. Old worn out clothes ( that are beyond mending) I will take the buttons and zippers off to reuse then I will cut up for rags. The no spending will help with this also as will the cooking from scratch.


A couple things that are going to be a problem is plastic but I am going to try and do away with as much as I can I will start using wax wraps instead of cling wrap and try to not buy anything wrapped in plastic. The other is going to be diapers I have 3 in diapers right now one I will start potty training soon ( and no cloth are not an option plus pretty sure my parents wouldn’t really be down with that lol and I really don’t want to have to deal with them).


I will also be trying to use less electricity, water, and propane and try to get these bills much lower then they are now.

So do you think you could do a no spend or no waste year?

One Reply to “Zero Waste, Zero Spend, Goal for 2019”

  1. Jean | Delightful Repast

    Wow, what a wonderful goal! I know we make a lot less trash for the landfill than many people, but I’m always trying to improve. Food waste really bothers me, and I’ve been working on reducing it. I’m getting closer to zero in that department; maybe this will be the year.