Frugal Challenge-Cook From Scratch

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Frugal Challenge-Cook from scratch

Did you know that everything you buy in the store you can make your self and most of the time for a fraction of the price? And not only is it cheaper but it is so much better for you when you make it from scratch. Everything from spice blends to bread and everything in between.


It really isn’t that hard if you have all the basics on hand. ( I am working on a list of what you should always have on hand for a well-stocked pantry).


I won’t lie it does take a little more planning though that is why having a menu is so important. When putting your menu together try to utilize something from one meal to help with another such as when I make swiss steak I use the leftovers to make a stew.


When you make bread make enough for the whole week if you need sliced bread for a couple meals and buns for another you will know to make a loaf and some buns.


If you work it might be easier to make a few crockpot meals on the weekend then all you will need to do is throw it in the crockpot before you leave for work or if you have an insta pot you can have them all put together where you can just put in the insta pot as soon as you get home.
Also when you make something double it, if you make a casserole make two and put one in the freezer then on a busy night you can just put it in the oven and heat it.


Start small with a few things then work your way up so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Maybe start with spice blends then bread than a little later on try noodles then a bit latter try meatballs. Just don’t overwhelm your self all at once. Once you start you and your family won’t want the store bought flavorless store-bought stuff.


Get the family to help kids love to help in the kitchen when making pizza let them add their own toppings when they help they will be more likely to eat things they may not always want to eat. Although if you add something that they don’t think they like DON’T  do it in front of them haha. Katie doesn’t like cream cheese but I put it in my mashed potatoes and she loves my mashed potatoes but has no idea I put cream cheese in them if she knew I did she probably wouldn’t eat them hahaha.


So do you think you could start cooking everything from scratch?

4 Replies to “Frugal Challenge-Cook From Scratch”

  1. NRP

    Rancher’s Wife;

    Good article, I have had several people say “You must really like to Cook”.
    It drives me crazy—-er when I think on it. So my standard answer is “No I HATE to cook, but I really Really like ‘good food, AND I’m a cheap SOB”. I just get the odd looks than let them sample some “Real” homemade food. Than go on and explain how little it cost to cook at home rather than “Eating Out”.

    So yes planning ahead helps, but so does a Deep Pantry. Yes I base my D-P on what/if but also ALWAYS “Store what you eat and Eat what you store”, that way when you start cooking something, even something very fancy, you should have everything you need even if ya ‘run-out’ in the kitchen, there is more stored.
    Ever been right in the middle of baking something and running out? What a pain in the tush to “run to the Store”
    I might add, a GREAT way to build your Deep Pantry, “use one, buy two”, that way you’ll have that “Stuff I use”.

    1. Post author

      “No I HATE to cook, but I really Really like ‘good food, AND I’m a cheap SOB”. Love it hahaha,
      As far out as I am I don’t get to just run to the store when I am out so I have to make sure I have it and that I have stuff so if I decide I want something I have what I need. Love having a Deep Pantry.

  2. Marybeth

    I stopped working at the end of 2018. I am trying to make everything from scratch. I made croutons several times with bread that my son gets to bring home free from his job. I made a huge amount of bread crumbs yesterday with some of the bread too so we are good for a while. Everything I make, I don’t have to buy.
    We love making homemade pizza. We make them a lot when the garden is in full swing and we have tons of fresh veggies. My YD is GF and I have been making all of her breads, cookies, muffins, etc. They are so much better then the store bought.

    1. Post author

      You are so right homemade taste so so much better and it is so much better for you and a plus is it is so much cheaper than store-bought.
      Have a great day