What is this?

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I have had this stuff popping up in my garden all summer and have had no idea what it is. As you can see it is yellow and the inside is bright yellow and a little runny. Really weird looking I have had it in the middle of the sawdust and around and next to some of the plants. Some of the places it is ruled out any animal poo. I have sawdust down as a ground cover in my raised bed area and a couple of other places we have sawdust down. There have been a couple of these in some of the other sawdust but nothing compared to the raised bed area. 

So I posted a picture of it on a couple of face book groups that I am in. And this is what I found out. It is called slime mold or dog vomit fungus. So I looked it up. This is what Garden Experiments. com says

It’s a slime mold! This mold is Fuligo septica the vomit slime mold and it shows up in warm, humid conditions and spreads across the top of the material – usually wood mulch. It starts out rather beautiful (at least this one did), with bright colors and a feathery appearance, but in a few days it can really resemble dog vomit (hence the nickname). This slime mold feeds on the carbon in wood mulch and thrives in humid, wet conditions.

Not to worry! While this organism can be unattractive and persist for a while (as long as conditions stay moist), it isn’t harmful to your plants or garden. (Just don’t eat it.) After the moisture in the area is gone and conditions are unfavorable for continued growth, the mold will change colors and appearance (really starting to look like vomit), reaching the spore-producing stage and start to produce spores which are dispersed into new areas.

So I guess since I water pretty regular that is why I have so much of it in the raised bed area. I did have someone tell me you could eat it, I am really hoping I never have to be that hungry to eat it. Someone also said that it is good for your plants. And another said if I didn’t want it to use a shovel and get it out then put Epsom salt down to keep it from coming back. I will probably just leave it and not worry about it now that I know what it is.

Have you ever seen this?