Are you prepared for the upcoming Food Shortages?

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I know this is kind of a long read but please read it to the end it is extremely important.

I have been telling everyone for some time now to get stocked up on the foods that you eat for an emergency, be it job loss, devastating storms, economic collapse, etc. Well, we are now in an emergency situation, with all the weather affecting all kinds of crops worldwide, all the food recalls, all the cattle lost this winter, all the pigs that have died in China and so many more things. I wrote about a lot of these losses that you can read here. When I wrote that it was bad but not as bad as it has gotten in the past month.


I will be honest I thought we had a little more time before we would start seeing shortages.
There has been a lot of talk on social media about the shortages of vegetables but the truth is it is a lot of things, I have noticed paper goods ( paper plates, T.P., feminine products,etc.)  potatoes, buckets, and a lot more things. I also read somewhere where some of the cotton crops have also be affected.


I don’t normally have a lot of links to other post but I feel in order for you to understand the gravity of all this I need to share some of the things I have been reading to help you understand why I am so so very concerned about all this.


Some of the vegetables already have signs like this one where the vegetables go and other things just have little yellow tags where the prices go saying temporally unavailable (I have seen both of these in my hometown store).



Now for the scary part, these shortages are last years crops and some are imports. Several countries are limiting how much they are exporting due to their own shortages. So what happens when we are supposed to get this year’s crops in and there isn’t very much to bring in? One thing is the prices are going to skyrocket and that will be if you can find it. I know there are a lot of people out there that think nothing like that can happen here but the truth of the matter is it has already started.

A lot of people are also talking about how their gardens are not doing as well as normal because of all the weather-related things going on. I know mine is a good month behind since we had a freeze on the 26th of June. We didn’t lose a lot but it set them way back so if we have an early frost, which I think we will, we are not going to get a lot from the garden.

Here are a few comments from a couple of Face Book groups that I am in with people from all over the world in them.

Just talked to a friend who came from Aldi and Walmart. There were no canned veggies at Aldi and Walmart was almost out. Both had signs stating shortages. It is getting real! I’m home canning every thing out of my garden I can and so grateful God led me to garden again this year. I’m sharing with family and some friends as I can. It is wearing me out but I’m so blessed. Prayers for America and loved ones who can’t garden.

Shopping at my local grocery store and talking to an employee stocking soup. The manager came by and asked what the story was with the soup. The employee answered that the company that makes the store brand will no longer make it , due to lack of ingredients. I then asked the store manager if she has read about the canned vegetable shortage. ( The store stilled had canned veggies.). Her reply was she had signs out back for when they run out. She had already had to post signs in the fresh section. I was told that this shortage will also effect things like canned spaghetti and such. The manager also made the comment that people will be shocked at how much food prices increase.

We are already starting to see shortages in grocery stores across the country. If you don’t think your store is take a really good look next time you are there. They are trying to hide some of it by putting more of what they do have on the shelf and spreading it out to make it look like the shelves are full but a lot of times if you look behind what is in front there isn’t much behind it.

I went to store yesterday, & was even upset so badly yo see all of the empty spaces there were. It’s only been a week since I was there last. A few missing items then, but yesterday was unbelievable considering the short time span between my visits. PREP ON PEEPS!!! LISTEN UP- IT IS HAPPENING NOW

So, I love this group, but I am baffled by all of the members who are still denying there is a problem. I live in So California, and a large amount of our crops go to the rest of the country.(As is the case for every other State in the Union that grows food crops.) I read a comment on an earlier post from someone else about how the food crops at risk are just the ones that are shipped to other countries, and that we get all our food from Mexico, and South America… I can tell you, this is not the case in most of the country. Maybe a few pockets, maybe a few foods, but what we produce does go all over our country. I lived many years in Modesto, Ca where we had the canneries running for many of the big names in the business 24 hours a day during harvest. If you think those tomatoes in the can do not come from a US farmer, then you are mistaken. We just got the long term forecast, and it is for a September with temperatures far below normal. Most of the State is forecast to be below normal. That means an early frost. Our rice crops went in late this year, and an early frost means there may not be a harvest. Same with nuts, and a cold Winter puts the citrus at risk. This is just what we are looking forward to. We are already suffering losses from this past Winter. This food shortage is real, and it will get worse. Our stores are all low. It is not Walmart specific like a lot of people keep saying. I would also like to note that unless you see what is in the stock room, you do not know that your store is fully stocked. I noticed yesterday that many of our stores here are shifting things around. putting more bananas out where there would be more corn ordinarily, or boxed pasta where there would be more bagged pasta…The boxes take more space. I took pictures, but I am not even sure I should put them up, because a good portion of the people who read this will claim it isn’t true. Folks, farms are failing, people’s personal gardens are not producing. Bury your head in the sand if you must, but please do not try to convince others that they should not be ready. If you made it to the end, thank you for reading, and I am sorry I am on such a rant, but it is important


the idea that most crops affected are supposed to be shipped out is a little naive. He in Ca, we have just been given a forecast of a much cooler than normal September. What that means is that the nut harvest is going to suffer, if not be destroyed. I live in an area where pistachios are grown, and it will make for a tight time for many ranchers. It also means that much of our rice crop is at risk. California produces the second largest rice crop in the US, and the Arkansas rice crop is in danger too. If you honesty think all of the rice we grow is to be shipped out, then you do not know how many people in our country depend on rice. Also at risk will be the citrus crops. Ok, so if your head is in the sand enough to think that citrus, nuts and rice will not affect the food supply that much, then add in all of the other crops at risk in Ca, including the wine grapes. Still think it isn’t a big deal? Add all of the other crops and home gardens that have taken a hit. Add in all of the losses of cattle during the winter storms Add in that many farmers are just getting their first cutting of hay in for the entire Fall/Summer. If you really believe this is no big deal, then maybe you should really look a little deeper into what is going on, and the Domino effect it will all have.


I think it might be important to note that the US no longer has grain reserves. This was reduced by the Clintin era,1996, and finished off by the Obama era. Depleted in 2008, which is just scarry for us and our future generations, in my opinion. The grain reserves was established by Franklin Roosevelt during the depression to help rally the price of wheat than buffer the boom and bust of crop production.

These are just some of several that I have read from people all across the country.

Here is a map from iceage Farmer showing the crop losses all over the world.

Link to the map


Michael Synder at End of the American Dream had this to say You can read the whole article here

Weather patterns are behaving very, very strangely all over the world, and many believe that the worst is yet to come. I encourage you to get prepared for the challenging times that are ahead while you still can.

For now, any food shortages will just be minor inconveniences, but if harvests around the world are as disastrous as many are projecting, that could soon change in a major way.

Almost every crop that we use and eat has been affected.

This is another article that he has posted.” Shock Survey: 12% Of U.S. Corn Farmers Didn’t Get Their Crops Planted, 48% Expect “Below-Average Yields This Harvest”“ You can read it here

Here are a couple of things it had to say.

Crops all over America are failing, and the true extent of this crisis is starting to become clearer. Months of endless rain and nightmarish flooding prevented many farmers in the middle of the country from getting their crops planted on time, and millions of acres didn’t get planted at all. And if all that wasn’t enough, this month record high temperatures have been absolutely brutal for vulnerable young crops across the Midwest. We shall see how the rest of the summer goes, but at this point it appears that yields are going to be way, way below expectations, and that has very serious implications for all of us.

Please go read this article All the information in it is so important that I can’t just pick and choose a couple of things to share.


Wheat and corn have been affected also, I have heard people say well I don’t eat corn or I don’t eat wheat. What they don’t realize is the almost all the food you buy with the exception of vegetables uses corn or wheat in some way. Most all of your animal feed has corn or wheat or both. Most packaged foods on the grocery store shelves have some corn or wheat in them. So if you eat more then likely you will be affected by this


Here are a couple of links to some youtube videos talking about this so you can see it isn’t just a couple paranoid people trying to start a panic.


This link her husband works at WalMart and she explains what he told her. Go here


And another one ” Early Food Shortages” Go Here


You still have a little time to get prepared before people start to see what is going on so please for the sake of your family please please get some food and seeds put back.


If you are just starting you can go Go Here where I have a months schedule to get some of your basics then after that there is a weekly list. I don’t know how much longer some of these foods will be available before they start putting limits on them. I recommend getting the basics and then taking a hard look at what you eat and use and start putting those things back. Also, remember to get ingredients because if you have the ingredients you can make almost anything that you buy in the store that is in a box. Same goes for cleaning supplies buy the things you need to make them with. By doing it that way you save money and have more money for more things not to mention that when you make it your self it is a lot more healthier for you.


If money is tight you can Go Here to see  201 ways to save money. Everything on this list I have done at one time or another so I know they are all doable. Yes, some of these are extreme so you can pick and choose what you want to do. But remember you are doing this so you can be prepared to take care of your family when this all comes tumbling down.

6 Replies to “Are you prepared for the upcoming Food Shortages?”

  1. NRP

    Rancher’s Wife
    Very well written for sure, and well thought out.

    You know I get around to quite a few BLOGS and have a fairly good idea of what’s on the News and the “inside” scoop on more than one aspect of Preparing.

    Personally I’m not a Gloom and Doom-er, I look at the facts and make my own decisions on what I see “coming down the pike”.

    With this in mind I would greatly recommend anyone that has less than 6 months of supplies (and I mean ALL supplies) do so soon. Now I’m not talking going out and buying 10,000 rolls of TP or 500 cans of Spam, but how about doing as Connie suggest and get some supplies in.

    I seem to always return to the Great Depression for a guideline. How about taking a good look at Venezuela it took only 3 years to go from the 3rd riches country in the world to poverty.

    Do you believe it could not happen to the US? Honestly that your choice. I surely hope it does NOT happen, are you willing to bet your family going hungry on that? Do you have the skillset to keep warm this winter if the Gas runs out or the power goes off? Can you cook that food? Can you dispose of “waste” and bath when needed with no water flowing from the pipes? Again, please, not Gloom and Doom, just “Maybe” What/If………

    Please be smart and make the right decisions for you and your family.

  2. Debi Kruis

    I am a US citizen, living in Canada….weather patterns here are crazy. I have never seen anything like it…..and it is scary. I garden and although this year my tomatoes are doing very well, last year it was a sad situation.
    Since I return to the US on many occasions through-out the year, I usually save my US retirement and buy a few things in the States. I have noticed many of the things I purchase on a regular basis have sky-rocketed in price…or they’re not available! I feel bad for the farmers…as they are doing everything possible to make this work.
    Have we ruined our environment to the point that we will see the lack of crops, meat, for those who eat it, water, etc….? I am afraid we have…and this is my opinion.
    Right now, I could make do with what I have on hand for at least 6 months. But…this garden of mine will certainly help to make it last just a little longer for my husband and I and our little dog!!
    Thanks for listening….be safe and be prepared!

    1. Post author

      Sorry so late in replying been pretty busy around here. Things are starting to get crazy and I can’t believe more people are not seeing it. At least you have a garden and know how to grow a garden that will be a big help.
      Go read he has some information as to what is going on and some advice on how to survive what is coming.
      Have a great day.

  3. Melissa

    I have been coming to your site for quite a while. I would find some of your posts on Blog hops.
    I just wanted to let you know that I originally saw this posted on Farm Fresh Tuesdays but it disappeared before I could read it. Found it today on To Grandmas House we go.
    Our weather in middle GA has effected all food sources. Tomatoes were terrible. Trying to get more from late second planting. I preserved all I could before I had to leave to come to be with my daughter in CO for the birth of her baby.
    I can tell you that here in Colorado the prices are out of sight. I had brought a small reserve of cash and gift cards and we went through them so fast.
    We are prepared back at the homestead, but you just can’t seem to convince some people that this situation is real. They eat out ALL THE TIME and have very little food in their house. Scary.
    I also wanted to mention that we have had a hurricane in September the last 2 years. Last year it affected pecans and cotton.
    There are millions of new pecan orchards being established for the Chinese export of pecans. If this situation continues with China this may cause a glut in US pecans. Bad for the farmer but good prices for US consumers.
    These shortages will affect how people eat, prepare food, etc. We will have to go with the flow with what is available and grow the rest ourselves.
    Thanks for such a good article. I hope people listen.

    Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead

    1. Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, that is weird that it disappeared from a blog hop.
      There are so many people who don’t or won’t see what is coming even though it is in plain sight. I have several family members that I am trying to encourage to stock up but they don’t think it will ever happen ( you know this is America things like that don’t happen here, nevermind the depression and the dust bowl). It is a little scary though that there are so many crop losses all across the globe. And I think it is only going to get worse.
      My gardens are not doing great either but we will hopefully get a few tomatoes. We are getting quite a bit of zucchini and will have a lot of peppers and cucumbers I am preserving every bit of these and everything else I can get my hands on lol.
      Keep getting prepared and have a great day.

  4. Cheryl Gerou

    Yes! Thank you for sharing this important information. People need to prepare, and act wisely. We are so use to having everything available at our fingertips. People expect it to always be that way, it seems that is not going to be the case.
    And through it all, we need to trust in the Lord and remain prayerful.