Canning Bacon Bits

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I like to use the 3-pound bags of bacon ends and pieces and can bacon bits out of them to use in green beans, salads, baked potatoes, potato soup, or anywhere you would want bacon bits. This way I save our good homemade Bacon for bacon strips.
First I chop them into smaller pieces, then fry on low until all the way done.

Cut into smaller pieces than shown here I thought I got pictures of the smaller pieces, and of frying them but didn’t. 

Then drain the grease and save it to can also.


Then put into your jars I use small jelly jars and half-pint jars. Do not add any liquid can them dry. Put your hot lids and rings on then process in a pressure canner for 75 minutes for half-pints at the pressure recommended for your altitude.
I also can the bacon grease with it.
With the cost of bacon going to go up and also the shortages we are going to have, it will be nice to have a little bacon put back.

2 Replies to “Canning Bacon Bits”

  1. NRP

    I can a lot of meat, chicken, beef, pork, so-on.
    I did some Bacon once, did not care for the way it turned out. BUT maybe try some this way.
    AND your exactly right, ALL food prices are skyrocketing. I did Safeway yesterday OMG, vegetables are outrageous and come-on-man, $11 for a pound of Steak???? I don’t think so, not on this old mans budget.

    1. Post author

      Things are starting to creep up little by little ( that is when you can find what you want). The bacon bits do taste just a little different after you can them not a lot. I am thinking I am going to can them in the fat next time to see if it makes a difference.