Zero Waste Zero Spend Goal for 2020

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Well, I started this last year and pretty much failed. I think when my sister passed last year I just pretty much let a lot of things go. So hoping to get back on track this year.

One of my new year’s goals is to have a no waste and no spend year. As I mentioned before I am wanting to get debt-free this next year even though my income isn’t what it use to be ( or what I would like it to be) but I figure if I really buckle down I can do this. I will start by trying to do a no-spend year.


No, spend,

I am going to try to live out of my deep pantry, I will buy things when they go on sale to replenish my pantry but there will be no unnecessary spending. I will be making everything from scratch from bread to crackers to tortillas everything, no convenience buying. I am already making a gift list for Birthdays and next Christmas so I can start making all the gifts for these. I have several totes full of yarn, fabric and scrapbook stuff so I should be able to make a lot of these things without spending to much.


If I need something I will try to make it myself, do without, find second hand, or barter.


I have always said I would like to live up in the mountains with no one else around even in the winter. This gives me an opportunity to see if I would be able to do that I will try to not go to town since if I was snowed in on the mountain there wouldn’t be any going to town every weekend. If I don’t go to town I don’t spend money. One of the biggest reasons I was going to town every week was to go to the bank but I signed up for mobile banking where I can make my deposits by taking a picture of the checks. This will cost me 2 dollars a month but if it keeps me from going to town it will more then pay for itself. So not only will I be saving by not going to town it will free up all most a whole day for other tasks, rather than spending all that time in town.



Did you know that according to the EPA, the average American person will produce about 5.91 pounds of trash, with about 1.51 pounds being recycled; 4.40 pounds is the rough average daily waste per person.


Did you know our ancestors used almost everything but nowadays we throw so so much away? No one wants to upcycle and very few recycle we have become a disposable nation so much goes into the trash from food to everyday items. It is something that has really been bothering me lately just how much we are a disposable nation. We throw everything away and don’t think twice about it ( and I am just as guilty). Instead of recycling, composting, fixing, selling or even giving to someone in need we just chuck it in the trash, Not only is it hard on the plant it is hard on the pocketbook. The wasted food, the excess packaging, the shirt you bought but didn’t like when you got home.


My goal this year is to try to have as little waste as possible and to add very little to the landfill. A few of the things I will be doing is buying in bulk when possible, buying fresh so I have no extra packaging, make do with what I have. Get my compost in better shape to use and use it for everything that I can put into it. Make sure I get the leftovers used or in the freezer before they go bad. I will use all the extra paper ( junk mail etc) to make my own paper to make cards with. I have a couple of large cans set up to put aluminum in and one for tin (cans) to recycle. The aluminum and tin we will take to the salvage yard to make a few extra dollars. I need to get a small one for glass. Old worn-out clothes ( that are beyond mending) I will take the buttons and zippers off to reuse then I will cut up for rags. The no spending will help with this also as will the cooking from scratch.


A couple of things that are going to be a problem is plastic but I am going to try and do away with as much as I can I will start using wax wraps (which I need to get made) instead of cling wrap and try to not buy anything wrapped in plastic. The other is going to be diapers I have 4 in diapers right now one I will start potty training soon ( and no cloth are not an option plus pretty sure my parents wouldn’t really be down with that lol and I really don’t want to have to deal with them).


I will also be trying to use less electricity, water, and propane and try to get these bills much lower then they are now.

So do you think you could do a no-spend or no waste year?

6 Replies to “Zero Waste Zero Spend Goal for 2020”

  1. Kellie

    My heart goes out to you with the loss of your sister. I know of personal loss with close family members. It is very hard… I will keep you in my prayers, Connie.
    These are wonderful goals I wish I could achieve! I will see what I can do. It would sure help with our get out of debt goal. Can you put a link on how to make wax wraps? Thanks for all the good no-spend/waste year ideas!

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much, It has been a hard adjustment not going to lie. Especially since it was so unexpected.
      I am going to be doing a post on the wax wraps in the next couple of weeks since I need to make some more.
      Just a heads up you will need Pine resin, beeswax, and Jojoba oil. You can get them all on amazon. I will try to get the post up the first of next week.
      Have a great day

  2. NRP

    I took the weekend to ponder this Article.
    Zero Spent and Zero Waste is going to be a very hard goal to achieve for almost anyone. BUT!!!! I would like to look at both of these challenges separately, and give my honest ideas and probability of each.

    No, Spend;
    Well that’s going to be a very VERY tough one, considering even living out of the Deep Pantry will require restocking, as you said, this restocking can and WILL be done with “On Sale” items and Bulk Buying. So even if this is not a “no spend” it is a money saver for sure.
    Myself I’m in the mist of reviewing all of my Deep Pantry, especially the uses and quantities. When I find an item, let’s say Elbow Macaroni, that I have 20 pounds of, and I’ve only used 5 pounds in the past year; I should reduce the quantity by using it up till I hit 10 pounds of stored. That sort of thing.
    Also we all know we will have those unexpected cost, Medical, Vehicle Repair, broken water line, Glasses, and so-on.
    Again…. I do totally understand the idea behind “Zero Spend”. I will reference Connie’s thoughts on “live up in the mountains” having way less access to civilization and stores. Living the “Lifestyle” is, IMHO, as close as one can get to the “Mountain Man” living. One becomes very aware of what one has around them, including foods, clothing, cleaning supplies, and all sorts of material supplies to “Make Stuff” with. Also one learns very quickly how to do “without”, not meaning you don’t have a million things to do, but one learns the finer pleasures of living with nature and the inner joys of life, and casting off the fake entertainment and controlling TV/Radio BS that is poisoning the minds of so many.
    As Connie mentioned, is it better to make a Hand Made Gift for someone and see the joy when they see this is something you “Made” for them, OR go down and buy them a $100 gift card????

    Zero Waste;
    Quick story for ya all, last trip I did to Portland OR, I was on the way home driving along the Columbia River, there is a twin set of RR Tracks that parallel the Highway for about 15 miles. Going the same direction as I was, out of town, I spotted an interesting train just ahead of me, as I passed this particular train I noticed 3 Locomotives at the rear, when I pasted the front there were 5 in the front. In between there had to be at least 250 “cars”, these things were max length for a Train Car, and seemed to be almost 1.5 times as high, these things were HUGE and I do mean HUGE. All the Cars were marked the same…. “Waste Management”. Can you imagine tonnage of Trash/Garbage/YUCK this Train was hauling? TWO TIMES A DAY I came to find out. This was NOT for recycling, but to be buried. This was from one stinking city…… Ponder on that for a second, ONE CITY.
    Ok enough on that.

    So my two cents on, Zero Waste.
    I Heat my home with Wood Burning Stoves (for the most part), hence I burn everything I can, meaning all cardboard, paper, can labels you name it, if it burns I burn it to heat my home AND to save on burning Propane.
    Next I have a 120 pound Black Lab, he loves it when I cook HAHAHA, yes he gets the “scraps”. Everything from the trimmings from the roast to the last little bit if gravy left on my plate.
    I also have a Garden, and anyone that has a Garden knows one MUST have a Compost Bin. If it was once grown, all the Cuttings and Scraps go to the Compost Bin.
    Aluminum and Steel Cans get given to some of the less fortunate around (not sold by me) they sell to the local recycler.
    Plastic is the hard one. I reuse as much as possibly of the bottles and such, but the sheet plastic is probably the worse for me, but like Connie, I try to buy (when I do) paper wrapped goods, less plastic.

    As stated, I also am becoming very VERY cheap this coming year and after, I will have a LOT more time after I retire in 3 months, so that will help a lot with Raising my own food, and having the time to implement more of the “things we all need to do”….. LIVE THE LIFESTYLE that we should be and stop dreaming of better times, these ARE the “good times”.

    Thank you for reading my Dissertation, yes VERY long winded, but my friends, this stuff is Important.

  3. Kristie

    I would love to do a no spend, no waste year. I wonder if I could even make it a week? I hope you will continue to chronicle this journey. I’m going to subscribe, so I can inspired. I’m definitely a modern convenience kind of girl, but would like to be less so. #littlecottagelinkparty

  4. Elise Ho

    Wow. This is quite an undertaking. I am very curious to watch your journey. Thank you for sharing with the #Blogger’sPitStop and #askdrho