Week’s in Review and Goals

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Its kinda hard to see in the picture but the goats got out and were trying to eat some of the grain that the pigs had spilled. Why they were doing that the pigs were knawing on their horns.

I am a little late in getting this posted but this is through today.

The weather here has been crazy. We were up in the 90’s for a couple of weeks then this week we were below freezing. We only have a few things planted so we got them covered and didn’t lose anything in the garden. We still have a lot to plant been waiting on teh weather to get warmer and really hoping the wind dies down some as it has been unreal.

We are still working on the water project. We had to order another solar panel since just the one wasn’t putting off enough power for the pump. We have most of the pipe laid out for it we are short a little so going to have to use PVC pipe which we haven’t been able to find any, everyone here is out of it. Must be a china product. 

We butchered our large pig. We just had it killed and quartered then we brought it home and processed it ourselves. We got pork chops, ground pork, ham steaks, and a lot to can. I cooked down some of the bones for broth and rendered what little fat there was for lard.

My Step Mom is in the middle stages of dementia and my Dad is having to do all the cooking in addition to working, trying to do some small scale farming, and taking care of the sheep. So I cooked a few meals to take over to them.I am going to try and do a few a week to help them out.

I didn’t get as far on my goals as I had wanted, seemed like I had a lot of other things come up that needed to be done.

Goals for the week


I want to make a few more meals for my Dad and Mom, Get eggs oiled for storage, I have a few strawberries left that I want to freeze in individual bags for strawberry shortcake, Would like to can some banana bread, some meatloaf, raviolis, and tortellini soup.


Fiber Arts

I would like to get a quilt started for a Christmas present but don’t know if I will get that far, I also want to start some little girls crocheted vest to sell this fall. I didn’t get to work on this at all last week so hoping to get to it this week even if for a few minutes.


Didn’t get any of this done last week so it HAS to be done this week

Get garden planted and my raised beds finished and planted. Get the front yard doable for the kids to play in. Mow and get the outside toys set up. Get the back patio area put together and mow the back yard.



I would like to get a fodder system set back up for the chickens. Get things set up so we can start AI ing cows the first of the month. Work on a fermenting schedule for pig and chicken feed. 



We haven’t been doing much since all I have is a couple of part-time kids so I would like to get a couple of projects put together that we can work on. And get the back playground put together.



Start working on a more set schedule I have just been hitting and missing ( more missing than not).


Extra Business

I signed up for Chaulk Couture super excited about it. I will be using it to make things to sell and I will be selling the product. I still need to get my food handlers permit really hoping to get that done this week. I also want to start making desserts to send to Andy’s work just to start getting my baked goods out in the public.


I think that maybe it for this week’s goals. I am sure I will add more as the week goes by haha.


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