Let’s ‘Build’ a Deep Pantry. “Food, Part 2”

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, June 7, 2021.

Emergency Food Buckets:

Yes I know we’re doing a series on the Deep Pantry, but I’m going to hit on a quick subject, and yes I will get back that that Deep Pantry next week.

Getting the heck out of Dodge when you need to, and I do mean “NOW”!!!
What are you going to do when you told to leave and you have 15 minutes because a Wildfire is heading directly towards you?
Well, you’re going to gather the Family, grab that Bug Out Bag with clothing and personal stuff, AND a Bucket or two of Emergency Food. Maybe toss a couple of cases of bottled water into the Car and go Go GO!!!!

Ok, so the Water is a no-brainer, the Bug Out Bag is for another time, but the Emergency Food Buckets are what I want to yack about a little.

Y’all ready???? This is going to be “Short and Sweet”.

Store-Bought Food Buckets:

Well, that was easy, wasn’t it?
Just head on down to Wally World or wherever and pick up a few of these little puppies.

I did look up a few prices for you:
Amazon = $133.06
Augason Farms = $199.99 Really guys????
Wally World = $77.95
Sam’s Club = $99.98

Now I do want to say, there are dozens of Food Storage Bucket folks out there.
I am going to strongly suggest you get ahold of the folks and get a few sample packets, I have tried a few different ones, Augason is probably, IMHO, one of the better ones, on the other end of the horizon, Wise and ReadyWise are, again IMHO, not worth the bucket it comes in…. Make your own choice.
A word of caution, most of these things have a LOT of salt in them, hence get some and taste them.

Remember there are for one person for one month. Obviously, a Family of 4 would need how many????


MREs, aka Meal Ready to Eat:

Yeppers, good old Military MREs are a mighty good “Emergency” food.

They come in a case of 12 and are good for one person for one day, but I will have to say, these things have a LOT of calories in them, and will keep you going.

Unfortunately these are not cheap:
Theepicenter = $100.00
Campingsurvival = $99.99
Amazon = $175 per two cases

You’re looking right at $8.33 per day, for these, like I said NOT cheap. BUT!!! These things will last for 200-300 years at least HAHAHA Just ask anyone who has eaten them.


DIY Buckets:

Well, Y’all do know this is Frugal Living on the Ranch….. Right?
So how about we put together our own Food Buckets for probably 1/10 the cost, AND you can build them any way you want……
BUT, I’m again NOT going to tell you what to put into your Survival Food Buckets, just as I’m not giving you a list of food to have in YOUR Deep Pantry, here is a suggestion though, U-Tube, I bet you a Bag of Peanuts that there 10,000 vids out there telling you exactly what you need to do.
Watch them then decide for yourself what you want to feed your family in an emergency and moving FAST.

Ok, told you this would be short.
Please just remember, this is for YOU and your family, do NOT skimp on keeping them safe.

PS: News Flash…….I see a major Meat Producer got Hacked, the price of Meat (Beef, Pork, AND Chicken) here has already gone up 15%…… Are you ‘Prepared’ yes Yes YES I know I used that dreaded “P” word again, sorry.